Hand luggage: Top airport tip to save packing space in plane baggage revealed

Hand luggage restrictions can be particularly problematic for some passengers, with some welcoming any snippet of extra advice they can get. Holiday firm Thomas Cook has noted a substantial increase in “bite sized long haul breaks of less than a week”, meaning travellers perhaps need to plan more varied clothing in their single cabin bag, to save on pricey baggage costs. Marie Ferriday has worked as cabin crew at Thomas Cook Airlines, based at Manchester Airport, for 12 years, and is more than familiar with tight luggage restrictions. Marie spoke exclusively to Express.co.uk about her tips for travelling smart with hand luggage when going on a short break, and revealed a top airport tip for holidaymakers to consider.

She warned against filling cabin luggage with bottles of cosmetics and toiletries and instead opting for sharing and common sense.

She said: “Buy your toiletries at the airport and save your liquid space for necessary makeup and your favourite fragrance.

“If travelling with friends you could buy toiletries together as they’ll all get used.

“You don’t all need to bring your hair straighteners and you can swap outfits too.”

Marie insisted any duplicates – whether it be cosmetics or clothing – were simply a waste.

She added: “Don’t pack multiple!

“If you only need three sets of underwear, take three.

“And you definitely don’t need all of those pairs of shoes – take flip flops and one other.”

Marie also suggested wearing heavy items on board a flight and packing a capsule wardrobe.

Rolling all garments is a must, as well as having a worldwide phone adaptor and electronic entertainment.

Meanwhile, travel gurus at MyBaggage.com have revealed how two simple household items can help keep hand luggage perfect.

They advised those transporting jewellery to put necklaces in particular “through a straw, and use a button to transport your favourite earrings”.

This means the chains would emerge at a travellers’ intended destination tangle free.

Meanwhile earrings, particularly problematic for transporting, would not lose the back which, if absent, would render them unusable.

A spokesperson from My Baggage.com said: “Packing your case and only taking what you actually need is a real art. It’s too easy to over pack and chuck everything you could possibly want into your case – only to bring it back home unworn and full of creases.”

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