Hand luggage: Never make this big – but easy – mistake with your suitcase

Hand luggage for flights can be tricky and frustrating to pack given the number of restrictions many airlines place on cabin baggage. It’s important to make sure you adhere to the allotted allowance or you may find yourself having to shell out at the gate. Choosing the right type of hand luggage bag can be very helpful.


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When purchasing a suitcase suitable for hand luggage, look out for one that’s designed to fit as many airline cabin requirements as possible, without compromising on capacity.

British luggage company Antler has one such case (the ‘Clifton’) and an expert from the company has shared their advice on picking suitcases.

Elizabeth Rhodes, Head of Communications at Antler, revealed there’s one mistake travellers should never make.

Rhodes cautioned against picking a case which has an entirely flat surface.

While you may prefer the look or think you’ll fit more in with one of these, such a suitcase is likely to be weaker.

“Beware of cases with an entirely flat surface,” explained Rhodes.

“The distinctive ridges in the shells of our hard-sided cases aren’t for good looks alone, they’re there because a curved surface is up to four times stronger than a flat surface.

“And in the world of luggage, that means you have a suitcase that’s more robust, without adding any weight.”

A curved base on a hard-sided case is there because “it ensures that your case won’t sag or dip when packed full,” Rhodes said.

Localised reinforcement built into the structure of cases is also the kind of detail that you only get from a trusted brand.

“When shopping for hand luggage, and if you’re looking for a case that will get regular use, you’ll need something robust and hard-wearing,” Rhodes pointed out.

“If you’re keen for a hard-sided suitcase, then look out for one made of polycarbonate – it’s extremely strong, especially when used in its pure form like on our Clifton case.”

Look out for a case which is colour-fast, too. This means any inevitable scratches stay true to the colour of the case.


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“You don’t want a case that reveals an ugly side each time it gets a bit of a knock!” Rhodes said

Of course, making sure your suitcase is lightweight is important – not just for you being able to lug it around but also if the airline has weight restrictions.

“Weight is also important, as you’ll want something lightweight so it’s easy to carry and manoeuvre when you’re on go,” stated Rhodes.

“Look out for a premium case that will last, because luggage is well worth the investment.”

She added: “There’s no point using up precious kilograms before you’ve even started packing.

“Of course, a light case is also easier to carry, if you’re not an A-lister with someone to do that for you!

“Don’t be fooled that lightweight luggage isn’t good quality – that can be the case with a cheaper brand, but it’s simply not true of more premium products.”

Other features to keep an eye out for are 360-degree double spinner wheels that are super easy to wheel and a twist-grip handle which will ease pressure on your wrist.

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