Google Maps Street View: Man caught in hilarious blunder while in a park

Google Maps helps people map the world and users are able to visit almost anywhere in the world they wish too. However Street View often captures funny blunders around the world as the Google Car snaps everyone going about their everyday lives. Due to the world constantly moving, there are also multiple errors that it can sometimes face.

This one scene takes place in a park where many people are relaxing and going about their day.

The sun is shining overhead and by the clothing items people are wearing, it appears to be a hot day.

However when looking closely, there are three men wearing the same clothing pieces.

They are all wearing a checked shirt with jogging bottoms and trainers.

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All three of them are also all carrying the same phone too.

Posting on Reddit, the eagle-eyed Google Maps user wrote: “Me, myself, and I.”

In fact, when zoomed in, they all look very similar to each other but all pulling different facial expressions.

The first man looks shocked as he looks into the distance while walking.

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So what has happened, has Google just snapped triplets?

Unfortunately the clothing gives it away.

This man has been caught in a common Google glitch.

Google Maps creates the images by stitching together the 360 degree image sets submitted by users, meaning small errors can easily occur.

The man therefore must have been walking in shot while the camera was taking the photos.

The tiling on the floor is also uneven which means this is definitely a common Google fault.

However what makes this scene odd is that no one else walking in the background has been caught in the glitch.

What’s more is that Google hasn’t blurred this man’s face out.

Google has strict privacy regulations and even goes to the extent of blurring out number plates, house numbers and sometimes houses to protect the public.

However due to the glitch taking place, another fault was that Google hasn’t blurred this man’s face out either.

If an object is captured whilst moving, it creates duplicates of the scene.

Should this happen, Google can end up glitching, sitting various parts of the object or person together in a weird way, appearing to be real.

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