Google Maps: Man spotted ‘floating’ in dock water in Street View scenes sparking alarm

Google Maps Street view sparked worry and panic among users of the website after revealing a mysterious image of a man in a dock. The cameras caught the concerning sight, posted onto the geographical route website, while taking images in Australia. The Google team had ventured to Washington Waters Park in Southport, Queensland, to track the coordinates and streets of the area. Yet in doing so, in images taken from an aerial camera, they spotted the mysterious shape of a man.

It showed a man, wearing a hat, appearing to float in the crystal clear waters.

The huge figure raised one hand high, while bringing the other to the ground.

It appeared to be bobbing on the dock waters very close to the partition with the wider stretch of water.

Many speculated over the “humanoid figure”, and the reason for its existence.

On blog site virtual globetrotting, one put: “Appears to be a large humanoid figure floating in the harbour. Very strange.”

Another put: “My guess is either a inflated figure of some sort or it’s got nothing to do with a humanoid figure, it just happens to look like one from above.”

A third then commented: “This is a floating pontoon for the kids (and adults) in the Southport Broadwater Swimming Lagoon at the Southport Broadwater Park Play area Marine Parade Southport on the Gold Coast.”

Another poured cold water on suggestions it is an actual human, and put: “Oh yeah… a man that is bigger than the cars… or the boats.. of course. No! It seems a doll (plastic, perhaps).”

Meanwhile, in a completely separate Google Maps incident involving a real-life person, a man got himself into a very sticky situation with his car.

he motorist decided to take some friends for a drive in the rolling countryside.

The group headed to the coastal route leading to Ardmair Beach, in a tarmac stretch surrounded by lush greenery.

Yet, perhaps unfamiliar with the sharp corners of the side roads, his lack of awareness was clear.

When turning left off the main road, to take a side road with a better view of the water, he plunged his car into a ditch on the corner.

The crevice appeared particularly significant, with more than half of the vehicle left submerged.

Thankfully, neither the motorist or his passengers appeared injured.

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