Go NZ: Bay of Plenty family holiday inspires ideas on sustainable tourism

Some quotes you know you’ll never forget. Like the one I heard on March 18 from tourism industry guru and founder of Conscious Travel, Anna Pollock.

“If you asked a close friend how their marriage was going and they said ‘sustainable’, you’d want to know what was wrong,” she said. “So why is it we think ‘sustainable’ should be a good thing when we’re talking about the environment?”

We couldn’t comprehend it at the time, but when Pollock gave her Ted Talk-style speech to a socially distanced crowd at a Mount Maunganui airplane hangar back in March, New Zealand was just days away from a full Level 4 Covid-19 lockdown. We marvelled at the individually wrapped muffins and the novelty of sitting spaced-apart, but really, this was the cusp of the great unknown. It was also a gripping, coincidentally timely speech.

The basic plot? When it comes to the future of tourism — especially in an environmentally fragile world that’s changing further in the face of a pandemic — merely being “sustainable” is no longer a lofty enough goal. It seems so obvious now, but until I heard Powell say those words, I never considered why we were aiming so low.

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