Gmail Has a New Secret Menu to Help You Organize Your Inbox

Every second is precious when you live your life online.

In a new update to Gmail, Google is rolling out a new right-click menu that will help you answer and manage emails more quickly than ever before.

When you right click on an email in your main inbox, you’ll see a larger selection of options. Without opening an email, you can choose to reply, reply all or forward the message.

Perhaps the most useful feature hidden in the new menu is the option to “find emails” from the sender. When you select this option, you’ll be able to see all emails that sender has ever sent in one place.

For those who want to organize their messages without opening them, you’ll be able to add labels or move messages in the right-click menu.

Or maybe you know that a message is important and deserves a thoughtful reply — but you just can’t get to it right this second. If you select the “snooze” option, the message will bubble back up to the top of your inbox whenever you need to see it again, be that tomorrow or a week later.

If you’re paying for G Suite, you’ll be among the first to access the new Gmail features. In order to access the new menu immediately, you’ll have to have “rapid release” selected in your upgrade options. Starting Feb. 22, the menu will appear as a scheduled release for G Suite users.

There are plenty of hacks to make your Gmail experience easier and safer. You can browse through your security features to block third-party apps from accessing your mail, take back sent emails you didn’t mean to actually send and add multiple clocks to your calendar to see what time it is around the world.

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