Getting ship shape on the river

River cruise editor Jeri Clausing is sailing on the AmaPrima. Her dispatch follows.

After months of seemingly nonstop travel and too much work to
catch up on, my normal yoga and Pilates routine had become almost nonexistent. 

In, fact if it weren’t for three big dogs that drag me
around each morning, I shudder to think what shape I would be in.

So, I was quite pleased that my assignment was to
check out the wellness program AmaWaterways has added to a number of its ships.

I do have to admit I was a little leery, wondering if it
would really be challenging enough to make a difference. When I do work out, I
kind of like to go all-out. But I should have known better, given that the
program was the brainchild of the very fit AmaWaterways co-owner Kristin Karst.

Our 10-day sailing on the AmaPrima offered three or more
classes every day throughout the day that rotate between core workouts, fitness
circuits, yoga. All are followed by an optional half of stretching, which many
guests join for that alone. And, of course, there are always bicycles that can
be checked out as well as hiking, walking and biking tours where appropriate.

There’s also a fitness center and the option to book
personal training sessions for the very reasonable rate of $35 for a half-hour
or $50 for an hour.

My goal was to hit at least one class a day. So far I’ve
made it, save for the morning I set my alarm for p.m. instead of a.m. And while
the movements on the mats and use of resistance bands might
look easy to the average observer, these workouts are not for sissies. Yes, they can be adapted for any
fitness level, but my sore (in a good way) abs, arms and legs are a testament
to the power of a balanced workout using simple resistance movements.

I’ve been doing the morning classes, mostly because they are
in the warmth of the lounge. But what a great way to start the day. Then you
can feel a little less guilty about indulging in the wonderful food and wine,
or go the whole nine yards and pick from the many healthful eating options that
are offered throughout the day.

Ama also provides a wellness lecture, literature on healthy
diets, and exercises — even a sheet of specific stretches to keep you
comfortable on the long flight home.

Despite my best intentions, I am rarely motivated to work out
on my own while traveling, which is why I was excited to try out the Ama
wellness plan.

And, in the interest of changing my ways before I embark on
another round of crazy travel next month, I signed up for a personal session
with Almeida on Tuesday. He celebrated his birthday by kicking my butt with a
one-hour full-body workout. Let’s hope the motivation sticks, although I
wouldn’t take any bets.

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