Get Paid $100K to Travel the World and Take Pictures

A family in the U.K. is seeking a professional photographer to follow them around the world for 12 months with all expenses, including food, travel and accommodations paid.

Better yet, the glamorous gig pays a salary of $100,000, according to the job description posted to Perfocal this week.

The family—which has chosen to remain anonymous because of the high-profile nature of the father’s job—is looking to hire a photographer with at least five years of experience taking lifestyle shots to join them on their upcoming journeys across the globe.

Starting in February 2019, the hired hand will follow the family and document them in places such as Australia, Europe, North America and South America. Noteworthy events on the itinerary include the Formula One Grand Prix in Monaco and Abu Dhabi, Mardi Gas in New Orleans and the Rio Carnival, among others.

Bucket list activities like diving in the Maldives and skiing in the French Alps are also on tap.

The full-time commitment requires working up to 10 hours a day and spending as many as three months at a time away from home. The person would also have to be able to leave home on short notice. However, benefits include 30 vacation days and full sick pay.

The position is open for a year but the family said there is the opportunity for an extension.

“This is quite a lot to ask for but it’s an amazing opportunity to see the world and the salary, which is £80,000, reflects the unusual demands,” the listing stated. “We’ve been looking since early September for someone to fill the position and we’re hopeful that we can find the right person pretty quickly—our first trip starts in February.”

The family plans to hold weekend-long interviews with applicants after it completes the candidate selection process.

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