Fuming tourists ‘charged £32 for beer’ at restaurant with TripAdvisor warning
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    A restaurant on the popular holiday island of Mykonos has received a bashing on review sites for charging hundreds of pounds per meal. Holidaymakers claim that the beachside eatery is a "scam" which lures tourists inside before presenting them with bills of up to £1000.

    DK Oyster, in Platys Gialos, Mykonos, sits on the gorgeous Greek island and offers cocktails, beers and fresh seafood. However, it has come under fire before after a woman claimed she was charged £50 for a glass of lemonade.

    The restaurant hit back at the woman claiming she "does not want to pay for the price of the services and products provided by other hard working people” and that “there is no illegal action described."

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    They added: "There is no way to be sure who you are – I have no recollection of a customer who ordered a lemonade and a sandwich. I do not know when and if you were ever a guest, but you surely have the nerve to post this attempted slander hidden behind your anonymity."

    Another couple Jessica Yarnall, 31, and Adam Hagaun, 30, claim they were hit with a staggering 800 euro bill ( approximately £710 ) for two drinks, four crab legs and a salad at a notorious Greek restaurant. And a third couple say they were charged £333 for a "quick snack" on their honeymoon.

    It seems that such reports come thick and fast on DK Oyster’s two-star TripAdvisor page – some of which are as recently as three days ago. One such person said: "If I could give them minus 10 stars I would. We will make sure everyone we know and don't know don't go there EVER.

    "We got overcharged BIG: Cocktails $60 (£48) each. Beer $40 (£32), crab legs $450 (£364), Cigar $180 (£145). Who in a world has prices like this? Don't go there. They will find a way to overcharge you even if you just walk by… scammers!"

    Another person, named Chad, claimed that he was charged 957 euros (£831) for "one salad, one appetiser, one entree and two glasses of wine." He added: "Staff try to intimidate you, menus are misleading and no itemised receipts are provided".

    A British visitor alleged that the restaurant offers holidaymakers "free sunbeds" for the price of a drink. The woman, named Charley said: "Ask the price of the drink! It cost us 70 euro (£60.80) for a small beer and Aperol Spritz. Absolutely disgraceful behaviour total misrepresentation."

    If you thought that was bad then you’ll be gobsmacked to hear the rest!

    One reviewer stated: "Music mix is terrible purely because the bass is stupidly loud drowning out the other bars on the beach! There are about five mature guys who run the place hard selling like it’s the trendy place to be…

    "Simply trying to sell guests along this lovely small beach oysters which are remarkably stupidly over priced usually after they have had a few drinks! They charge €58 (£50) for a sickly cheap cocktail… €48 (£41.69) a burger!"

    A woman named Louise claims she was pressured to order more than just a drink when she visited. They ordered two and eventually conceded and bought French fries despite having already eaten. The outraged woman was then presented with the bill.

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    She said: "We stupidly didn’t ask the price and ordered two drinks. He stood there waiting for us to order something so we ordered French fries, which weren’t on the menu. Oh and we ordered a bottle of water. We went to pay our bill and is was 173 euros (£150)…WTH???

    "That is outrageous. The drinks were something like 56 euro (£48.64) each, the fries were 20 euro (£17.37) then the water. Absolutely crazy.

    "My husband tried to argue with them but they were so rude and kept saying you ate/drank it so you have to pay. They took his credit card and charged the 173 euros. Then we got back to the hotel and noticed they also added a 20% tip!"

    Others paid €515 (£447) for "two drinks and two appetisers" while another paid €660 (£573) for "calamari for four" and drinks.

    One man wrote: "We ended up having three glasses of wine (a cheap rose I later saw in a local grocery store), a dozen oysters, four crab legs and a Greek salad for which they charged us €850!!!" That’s a massive £738.

    In March, another customer alleged that they were charged €1100 for four drinks and “some slop not food”. That’s a bill of just under £1,000.

    However, this man didn’t let the high cost slide and said: “Told manager to stuff it and if he is looking for trouble right in the mood for it and he found the right man. I threw €100 on the bar and walked away. He never had the guts to follow us.”

    In fact, the restaurant has come under fire so much on the website that TripAdvisor has even added a warning to the DK Oyster page.

    It states: "TripAdvisor has been made aware of recent media reports or events concerning this property which may not be reflected in reviews found on this listing. Accordingly, you may wish to perform additional research for information about this property when making your travel plans."

    The average price of a beer in Mykonos is around €6 or £5.21 according to Numbeo. While a bottle of water should set you back just €1.50 (£1.30.)

    Such reviews make it very clear that it’s best to do research before choosing to dine somewhere on holiday. Even a quick TripAdvisor search could save you hundreds of pounds…

    The Daily Star contacted DK Oyster for comment.


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