Fort Lauderdale International Airport reopens after heavy rain closed roads, delayed flights

Heavy rain ahead of a powerful cold front temporarily closed Fort Lauderdale International Airport on Sunday night during busy holiday travel.

The airport has since reopened with flights resuming as of 6:30 a.m. EST Monday. Unofficial gauges show as much as 10 inches of rain may have fallen in the past 24 hours in areas of southern coastal Broward and Miami-Dade counties.

Flights at Palm Beach International Airport in West Palm Beach are running on time, according to the airport’s website. A tornado watch issued for most of South Florida has also been canceled for several counties, including Palm Beach.

Estimated rain totals in Palm Beach County are up to 6 inches in Boca Raton and up to 4 inches in West Palm Beach. Isolated showers are expected to continue through the morning, according to the National Weather Service in Miami. There could be another area of showers late this afternoon into early this evening as more moisture works its way east from the Gulf of Mexico.

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Slide 1 of 11: Burl always pats herself and her family members down before a trip to make sure they aren't wearing anything that could trip an alarm, such as jeans with metal, and send travelers back through security or require an airport pat down.
Slide 2 of 11: Know the rules before you get to the airport to speed your trip through security. No you can't bring that Costco-size bottle of lotion through security. Stick with liquids in containers that are 3.4-ounce or less.
Slide 3 of 11: Organize your approved liquids at home and stash them in a quart-size bag so you don't slow down the security line.
Slide 4 of 11: Tuck your bag of approved liquids in an outside pocket of your carry-on bag so you're not fumbling around for them as you approach the bins.

Slide 5 of 11: Have TSA PreCheck? Don't wear boots if you want to keep your shoes on during the screening. A rod in many boots sets off the metal detector. Sneakers, flats and slip-on shoes are a better option.
Slide 6 of 11: Bottled water is pricey at the airport. Save money (and the environment) by bringing your own empty bottle.
Slide 7 of 11: Instead of spending $3 or more for a bottle of water at the airport, BYOB(ottle) and fill it up at a water fountain past security. Many airports offer filling stations with filtered water.
Slide 8 of 11: Skip a pricey airport breakfast and make your own oatmeal on the flight with a simple order of hot water and a packet of oatmeal from home. Pro tip: Ask for half a cup unless you like your oatmeal soupy.
Slide 9 of 11: Bring your own tea bag or cup of soup or noodles and ask the flight attendant for a cup of hot water.

Slide 10 of 11: Bring a (fully charged) portable charger so your devices don't die on flights without in-seat power.
Slide 11 of 11: Planning to watch a movie on your smartphone? Reddit and Pinterest users suggest several ways to mount the phone for better viewing, including putting it inside a ziplock bag and hanging it from a closed tray table. Another suggestion: nestle it in a pair of glasses.

Coastal South Florida, as well as much of the Peninsula north of Lake Okeechobee remain under a marginal threat for severe weather Monday – the lowest threat level on the Storm Prediction Center’s scale.

Rain chances in West Palm Beach today are about 20 percent, increasing to 40 percent tonight, but mostly sunny skies are forecast for Tuesday with a high of 73 degrees. Christmas morning will dawn with a low of 58 and a sunny high of 78.

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