Flying from Queenstown to Auckland aboard Jetstar

Winston Aldworth flies from Queenstown to Auckland aboard Jetstar’s JQ293.

The plane:

A Jetstar A320. They’re currently reconfiguring them to get more seats in; the new format sees the two toilets at the rear go right into the back of the plane.

Seat: 20C.

How full: Being Jetstar’s last flight to Queenstown on a Friday afternoon, we were fairly heaving. There were maybe three or four empty seats in the house. Adds to the atmosphere.

Fight time: We were 25 minutes late getting airborne, but made reasonable time and landed only about 10 minutes behind schedule.

Airport experience: The sushi at Auckland’s domestic terminal is actually good. Possibly one of the best things about the place.

Service: Ace.

Food and drink: I topped myself up with a some Pringles and a can of L&P.

Toilets: The L&P had its effect. I can report the toilets at the rear of the plane were clean.

Luggage: I did this solely with carry-on luggage. I’d love to know what percentage of JQ passengers do the same.

Verdict: The orange bus delivers once more.

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