Flights: What you must check before going on holiday now or risk travel chaos

Flights and holidays always require careful planning but travelling amid coronavirus may well require more thought than before. A number of new factors now need to be factored in ahead of a trip away. Travel experts at The Points Guy UK have revealed one key thing you must do before going off on holiday in their latest travel advice.


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They explained that you must check your airline’s coronavirus policy.

This will vary depending on your airline and could change at any time.

“The inflight experience is currently very different to what is was pre-pandemic and probably will remain this way for the foreseeable future,” said The Points Guy.

“Airlines around the world have implemented a number of changes to make flying during a pandemic safer for passengers and crew, the most widespread of which is mandatory mask-wearing inflight.

“Whether or not your airline is enforcing it, it’s common courtesy to do so when flying during this time.

“However, policies vary by airline, so make sure to double-check what’s in-store beforehand.”

Inflight food and drink services are very different now, too.

This means you may need to plan ahead and stock up on supplies.

“Some airlines are slowly bringing back inflight catering, many airlines are still offering only a skeleton service such as bottled water for those who ask, so make sure to check beforehand whether or not to bring snacks onboard if you’re likely to get hungry,” advised The Points Guy.

“Other things to watch out for are temperature checks for departing passengers and, if you’re flying Ryanair, you’ll have to ring the call bell to use the loo.”

It’s recommended to pack extras to avoid being caught out when it comes to the new coronavirus-fighting measures.

This is particularly the case for masks and hand sanitiser, said the travel experts.


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“Even going to the supermarket these days requires a little extra thought when considering what you need to take with you, so if you’re flying, make sure to pack some extra essentials into your hand luggage,” they explained.

“Although you’ll be wearing a mask inflight anyway, be sure to pack extras – especially as not all airlines will be providing them.

“Hand sanitiser is a must – make sure you get a bottle under 100ml so you won’t have to throw it away when going through security.

“And although airlines themselves have ramped up their own cleaning, anti-bacterial wipes are great to give the high touch point areas around your seat an extra once over, just for your own peace of mind.”

Travellers should also double-check their travel insurance coverage before a holiday.

“It’s not the most glamorous travel topic but it is one of the most important – travel insurance should always be top of your checklist before a trip abroad, pandemic or not,” said The Points Guy.

“Having the right travel insurance and knowing exactly what you’re covered for is more important than ever, especially if your trip is cancelled or if you need medical assistance abroad.

“Even if you already have an existing policy, or you would need to take out a new one, be sure to check out which policies cover COVID-19 first.”

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