Flights: Save money on your holidays with this very surprising and simple trick

Flights can often result in holiday prices booming, especially if you’re heading off to far-flung locations. Once everything is added up, some travellers might feel rather the daunted by the price of a trip away. However, there is a very easy way for holidaymakers to get their hands on discounted prices.


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An expert has revealed a simple way globetrotters can end up paying less for their holiday.

Ali Killam, Consumer Travel Trends Expert at Airbnb, explained the importance of making your money work for you.

Her trick is to make the most of your travel rewards schemes – and flying isn’t always the best way to do this

“There are lots of ways you can boost your travel rewards schemes like frequent flyer points that don’t actually involve flying,” she said.

“You can collect them shopping in major retailers and hiring cars for example.

“There are even some credit cards that collect points like cashback, so all you need to do is spend money normally on the weekly supermarket trip and even a round at the pub.

“It’ll bring you one step closer to discounted flights for your next trip.”

Gilbert Ott, who runs, confirmed this. “Frequent flying, especially in economy, is the worst way to earn frequent-flyer points,” he told The Times.

Instead, Avios customers should focus on their shopping habits, as this is the best way to accrue the most points.

For this, you should sign up to the BA eStore where hundreds of retailers are listed as offering Avios incentives.

Killam’s money-saving tips don’t stop there, though. The travel expert revealed how vital it is to check prices locally before you land at your holiday destination.

“Take your planning game one step further, by not just noting down the numbers of local taxi providers, but asking your Airbnb host the average cost of a ride from the airport,” she advised.


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“If you’re being told an inflated price by a prospective driver, don’t be afraid to negotiate.”

Killam also shared her advice on making sure your holiday days work for you, too.

One tip is to maximise your annual leave. “Sometimes the way the calendar falls in the UK means you can bag a huge amount of annual leave for very little time off work,” she said.

“In 2020 the sweet spot is in May around the two bank holidays, allowing you an 18-day holiday with only 10 days of leave off. This can also work across December and January, April and August with a closer look at public holidays.

Another option is to combine your work trip with a holiday. Killam pointed out: “You might not think this is relevant for you, but actually a huge 6.6 million trips were taken for business abroad from the UK last year, without even beginning to factor in domestic trips.

“If you’re lucky enough to be going somewhere on sunnier shores than the UK, why not just tack on a few days holiday to your trip?”

Also in Killam’s list of travel hacks is making sure to download offline maps for your trip. “It sounds super simple, but in today’s tech-savvy world we often forget how frustrating it is to suddenly find yourself without the internet,” she said.

“Google’s offline map function is a very handy asset for when you first step off a plane and need to orientate yourself in an unfamiliar city but aren’t able to get WiFi or mobile signal. It can also help to save down a picture of the local public transport system so you always have it to hand.”

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