Flights: Passengers defended by fellow plane travellers over this controversial action

Flight passengers often have a variety of quirks, traits and habits in order to get comfy. For those on a long-haul journey, the effort to get sing in an often-constricted plane seat can take a lot of shifting and manoeuvring in the chair. Additionally, health recommendations stipulate passengers should stroll around the plane cabin regularly in order to aid blood flow and prevent the occurrence of issues such as Deep Vein Thrombosis. Those who perhaps do not fancy a walk on the plane may decide to take off their shoes and their socks.

The latter is often dubbed disgusting by fellow plane passengers, who sicken at the sight of bare feet in a public space.

Yet a row of male passengers garnered support for removing their shoes on a journey – why was this?

Their actions were caught on camera in an image posted to Instagram page, Passenger Shaming.

It was accompanied by the witty caption: “Today’s #FlyingFeet #throwback.”

It showed three men in the front row of the Economy class cabin with their shoes off and feet, in matching black socks, and feet leaning on the cabin wall.

They looked pretty cramped and may have been attempting to stretch out their legs by leaning them on the wall.

Yet instead of attracting criticism for their slobbish actions, passengers took to Instagram to defend them.

One wrote: “That row of seats is possibly the worst because there’s no leg room.

“Worse yet is that some planes have that bulkheads for row 1. That’s a first class seat with no leg room.”

Another empathised and put: “The struggle is real. #Swollenlegs.”

One then posted: “But my feet need to be up when there’s a wall in front! Sorry, not sorry. Shoes always on, tho.”

Yet some did not agree, and flagged their actions as unsavoury.

One posted: “We need a no feet zone sticker.”

Another then mused: “I don’t see how that can even be comfortable.”

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