Flights: Always do this one thing before you travel to the airport

Flights recommend travellers get to the airport at least two hours in advance of their journey. It is important holidaymakers plan ahead when it comes to travelling to the airport. An expert has advised that bad weather could heavily impact your holiday much more than you realise. Karen Hogg, Head of Insurance at Sainsbury’s Bank, has recommended checking the weather ahead of travel – and making sure your insurance policy covered adverse weather conditions.

Flights: Why you should always check the weather forecast before you fly

By checking the weather ahead of travel you can make sure you are leaving for the airport in plenty of time.

Bad weather could delay you and potentially result in your missing your flight. It could also cause your flight to be delayed.

Hogg emphasised it is key to make sure your travel insurance will cover this eventuality.

“It’s important to ensure your policy covers the potential for weather-related disruption, be that delayed flights due to snow, or road closures hindering your time on the ski slopes,” she told

Inclement weather could also affect your journey back home, so make sure your policy also “covers for any unforeseen changes to your holiday plans, such as being unable to get home due to poor weather,” Hogg said.

It’s also crucial you locate your passport well in advance of your flight – and make sure it’s valid for the correct duration of time.

Hogg added: “Holidays should mean a break from the stress of everyday life. Making sure you have all of your travel documents in place, and with you when you leave the house is as important as having good quality travel insurance in place.

“It’s worth noting that insurers are unlikely to cover you if you’ve left your passport at home.

“With recent issues such as flight disruption at airports and adverse weather conditions in parts of Europe, you may want to ensure that your travel insurance policy provides disruption cover, particularly if you have connecting flights.”

If you get to the airport and find your flight is delayed there are several steps you should take.

“If your flight is delayed or cancelled, head over to the airline’s counter and make sure to ask them for a leaflet with all the relevant information,” Michael Reay at travel search platform HolidayPirates said. 

“Every airline in Europe is obliged to provide you with all the relevant information regarding cancellations and delays.”

If weather is to blame, fliers are eligible to claim for a refund but they won’t be able to claim compensation.

Airlines do not have to pay compensation if a flight is cancelled or delayed due to bad weather or other factors outside of the airline’s control.

However, airlines always have to cover your expenses or provide food and accommodation regardless of the cause of a delay or cancellation.

“While you are queueing to see an agent at the desk, don’t waste that time, be proactive instead – if it’s after 8pm and there are ongoing cancellations due to bad weather or a system failure and you are unlikely to be booked onto another flight, use your smartphone to look for a hotel room,” advised Reay.

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