Flight secrets: The safest plane seat to avoid infection and germs

Planes are not known to be cleaned very often which mean they can become a breeding ground for certain germs and bacteria. With hundreds of fliers onboard at any one time, this allows germs to be spread very easily, especially since the air is recirculated. The last thing travellers want is to become sick onboard and be ill when they arrive at their destination as this could ruin their holiday.


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To minimise your chances of becoming sick onboard, it is advised to try and book a window seat.

In order to get a window seat, you may need to book in advance and chances are you may be charged extra as it is a very popular spot.

Research suggests that you need to be at least three rows away from an ill passenger to avoid catching their germs.

However you may not know if a passenger onboard is ill and so it is much better to be safe and try to get a window seat.

This is because it reduces your contact with other passengers who may be walking around on the plane or getting up to use the toilet.

It is also best because you only have one passenger next to you in the middle rather than both sides.

However a lot of people lay down on the window so it is best to wipe it over with an antibacterial wipe before you rest your head on it.

People may have sneezed or coughed against the window so make sure it is completely clean before you rest against it. The same goes for armrests too, it is always best to wipe them down.

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In fact, experts also advise to wipe down food tray tables because of the high levels of bacteria they can hold.

You can also decrease the risk of becoming ill by keeping sanitised onboard even if no one is visibly sick.

This is done by washing your hands regularly and covering your mouth while coughing or sneezing to prevent your germs spreading in the plane.

According to a recent study, the window seat is the best because not as many germs circulate towards the windows of the plane.


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This position on the plane is also desired by most travellers because of the views you can see from it.

It may also make nervous passengers feel more comfortable as they can see where the plane is heading.

If you are sitting by a window seat you may also be less likely to get up because you may be worried about disturbing the other passengers who have to move out the way.

This is especially true if you don’t know them and don’t want to annoy them by asking them to move.

This can also help decrease your risk of picking up germs because you have not moved from your seat at all during the flight.

However this is harder when flying long haul and may only work if you are flying a short distance.

Also, another way to avoid getting sick onboard is to always keep your air vent on, even if it does get cold.

Keeping a constant fresh airflow directed towards your face and body can help germs in the air away from you.

Germs can be harder to avoid if it is a flight attendant or staff member who is sick onboard. This is because they are constantly walking up and down the aisles and reaching over to passengers to hand food and drink.

This means it is imperative that cabin crew do not fly when they are sick as they could be infecting lots of people at once.

However, if you are sick, it is recommended that you do not travel at all and wait until you are completely better before boarding a plane.

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