Flight passenger shocks with bizarre on-board hygiene method – why have they done this?

Flight passengers were left baffled at one travellers hap-hazard attempt to keep her feet squeaky clean on board an aircraft. The female boarded the plane and couldn’t be missed, wearing a bright pair of floral print leggings. While attention might have instantly been drawn to her legs, the talk soon turned to her feet. As she strolled from her seat to the on-board toilet she had taken off her shoes.

Instead of making the trip barefoot or in socks, she decided covering them with some antibacterial plastic might be a sound safety measure.

The female pulled one plastic glove over each foot but, as the toes weren’t long enough to fill the finger holes, they flapped about.

Instagram account PassengerShaming uploaded the shot taken by a fellow passenger, with the witty caption: “Ahhhh snap, the gloves are off!!

“Oh, I mean on…my feet…s**t…whatever – I don’t know WTF is happening and am questioning life now.”

One Instagram user quickly commented underneath, and wrote: “Why? Just why

A second continued: “If you’re going without shoes and have gloves – why not just keep the footies with you- easier to get on and off?”

A third posted: “What the heck? I don’t want to know what’s happening.”

Another surmised: “Can afford lululemon pants but not shoes?”

Meanwhile in a completely separate incident on board a flight, a very flexible passenger undertook an impressive feat in her flight seat.

Stephanie Millinger made sure she wasn’t stiff or cramped during her journey, in fact using the trip in the skies as the perfect chance to practise yoga.

The 26-year-old, who had a spare aisle chair beside her during her journey, performed an impressive back bend standing on her seat.

With her spine in a perfect arch, she managed to fit the entirety of her body onto the chair.

Recognising her feat, she offered a beaming smile to the camera.

Yet she did not stop there.

In a nod to safe passenger technique, she proceeded to tie the seat belt behind her back and buckle it up.

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