Flight attendants stand ‘awkwardly’ at plane doors to find ABPs on flights

When going on holiday there are lots of moments that passengers simply don’t understand when flying.

This could be the signals used by cabin crew to the hidden areas on planes – but one flight attendant has explained why they often stand “awkwardly” at the door as we enter the plane.

Cierra Mist, from the United States, posted her answers to "frequently asked questions I get as a flight attendant ", reports the Express.

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And, the airline worker’s 3.1million followers were surprised at some of the answers.

One question asked why the crew stand by the doors of the plane to greet passengers.

She said: "Ever wonder why we awkwardly stand at the entrance of the plane and greet you?

"While you may think we're just saying hello or being friendly, what we're doing is actually judging you hardcore, but not in the way that you might think."

She claimed they were looking for people who may be able to help in the case of an emergency.

"We love greeting you, we're providing a customer service," Cierra explained.

"But more importantly, we're looking you up and down trying to determine if you've made a good ABP, or abled body passenger, on our flight.

"A few good examples of ABP might be nurses, military, police.

"Typically, passengers who might be able to assist us flight attendants, in case we have an emergency while in flight."

When looking for such a person they want someone who is fit, healthy, coherent and can understand the language used by the crew.

Firefighters and army members as well as fellow airline workers are common choices.

Cierra also noted that you were more likely to get “free drinks and upgrades” as you greeted the staff at the door.

She said: "Whenever you're first getting on the plane and you see a flight attendant standing there and greeting you the nicest thing you can do is acknowledge that, and even respond.

"The amount of times that people actually acknowledge that we're saying something to them is slim to none.

"So, I promise you will stand out, but in a great way."

A British flight attendant also recently explained that what you wear can affect if you’re bumped up a class.

Tailored trousers, a blazer or a dress could do the trick if you’re a woman.

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Men are advised to dress in a shirt with chinos or smart trousers.

In an interview with Who What Wear, a cabin crew-member said: 'For an upgrade, it's all about looking the part. Smart but understated.

'You should look like you travel often. But don't be dripping in designer clothing.'


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