Flight attendants share ​best way passengers can get upgraded to first class

Many of us are just loving the fact that we can fly abroad and go on holiday again as coronavirus and travel restrictions ease.

However, there is no harm knowing how you can get the luxury treatment by swerving economy.

A lot of travellers have never experienced the joy of flying first class, with tickets way more expensive that normal seats.

But now you may be able to, as flight attendants have revealed the best way that passengers can get upgraded to the expensive seats!

Despite there being no fool-proof way to get a first class upgrade, a team of flight attendants has revealed to WhoWhatWear some top tips to achieve it, according to Liverpool Echo.

And they say the outfit you wear could be key to getting that complimentary upgrade.

Despite many people being tempted to dress in comfortable clothing for their journey, cabin crew suggest dressing smartly can increase your chances of getting moved up to first class.

A steward explained: "For an upgrade, it's all about looking the part.

"Smart but understated. You should look like you travel often. But don't be dripping in designer clothing.

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"It helps; someone who is potentially due to get an upgrade can be knocked back if they aren't dressed suitably."

Another member of the cabin crew also agreed, adding: "When we fly, we have a strict dress code to follow.

"No jeans or trainers – so I always go for tight black trousers and a blazer or a dress. For men, chinos or trousers and a shirt are worn."

But the stewards also said that once you have received your upgrade, it's perfectly acceptable to change into more comfortable clothes for the journey.

One flight attendant said: "I always carry trackies on long-haul, and it is acceptable for us to change on board."

The revelations come after another flight attendant shared the questions she's most asked – including flying for free.

In a TikTok video, user @danidboyy1 told people that, despite what many people think, being an air hostess does not mean you get free flights any time you want to go on holiday.

She reassured viewers that flights were still heavily discounted for crew members.

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