Flight attendants gobsmacked as woman eats huge tray of lobsters on plane

Airline workers were gobsmacked when a flight attendant shared a snap of a customer’s lavish meal that they had brought on board to eat in economy class.

Many of us pack a bag of crisps, sandwich or even a McDonald’s when going on a flight in order to avoid pricy food options or flavourless airline meals.

But, most frequent flyers know to avoid bringing anything too smelly or messy into the cabin to not make other passengers uncomfortable.

And, we especially avoid bringing anything that contains large amounts of top allergens (bar peanuts – we really don’t understand why they’re still allowed on planes).

But, a snap was posted on Reddit in the forum r/trashy where it became clear that some flyers don’t feel the same way.

In the photo, a woman could be seen sipping a drink while in front of her was a large metal roasting tray filled with a seafood boil.

A seafood boil is a dish from the United States where shellfish is boiled together with potatoes, spices, corn and other things to create a delicious, messy family meal that you tuck into with your hands.

In the lady’s tray was crab legs, sweet corn, prawns and greens.

While in a second ginormous foil tray nestled in the seat next to her was no less than six cooked lobsters.

Yes, a large number of the cooked, red crustaceans sat in the uncovered tray presumably to be eaten mid-flight.

Another passenger in the seat next to the lobster held a box of Cheez-It crackers and some baby wipes for washing down hands.

Over 45,000 people liked the post and more than 4,500 commented.

One person wrote: “How the hell? I can’t even bring a full tube of toothpaste on a plane.”

And, someone pointed out that they must have purchased the food in the terminal.

A jokester said: “At least she brought enough for the whole plane.”

But, on a serious note someone else added: “Imagine if a person around her had a severe seafood allergy.”

And, a fourth laughed: “Gonna look like a damn fool when there’s some turbulence and ya got lobster juice all over you.”

A fifth wrote: “The little splashes of lobster juice on the upholstery and carpets that will continue to stink until every last vestige is removed by deep steam cleaning.”

But, it wasn’t just fellow civilians who were shocked as the post was shared in a group for cabin crew.

A flight attendant noted: “Wow that is next level rude.”

Another wrote: “And I thought it was bad the one time I had a family group of about eight all eating canned tuna salad.”

“I am sorry madame, but for safety reasons, the smell of the seafood can camouflage fumes smell,” joked a third. “Please close your meal now, if you want I can throw it in the bin, for your commodity. Thank you.”

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But, not everyone was against it though, as one crew member said: “Is it annoying and extra? Yes.

“But doesn't break any rules as far as I can tell. I'm just handing them extra trash bags, napkins, and asking for a crab leg.”

Another added: “I’m not here to police what people eat on the plane. As long as it’s put away for take off and landing, we are good.

“This is the most extra thing I’ve seen in a while and I’m honestly here for it.”

“It's rude if you are sitting right behind her, but it's great if you are sitting next to her and she shares,” laughed a flight attendant.

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