Flight attendant warns ‘never ever’ use seat pocket due to ‘gruesome’ passenger remnants

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Most passengers may be accustomed to boarding the plane and tucking their electrical items or perhaps a book into the seat pocket in front of them. However, one cabin crew member has warned this is something travellers should “never ever” do when flying.

The reason for this revelation is due to the stomach-churning behaviour of some other fliers.

Although crew members do pass through the cabin with rubbish bags to dispose of any leftover food wrappers or leftovers, it turns out some passengers have a different way of disposing of their unwanted items.

Posting to a Reddit forum dedicated to flight attendant “secrets” an anonymous crew member explained that the seat pocket should be avoided as it is “never cleaned”.

They explained: “I have pulled out and seen all sorts been pulled out from there.

In fact, the list of items stuffed into the seat pocket spans way beyond leftover snacks.

“Dirty tissues, sick bags, knickers, socks, peoples feet, gum, half sucked sweets, apple cores… and then next flight you go and put your phone/laptop/iPad in there,” the flight attendant shared.

With hygiene such a major focus of flying since the coronavirus pandemic, future passengers are likely to try their hardest to avoid any situations that could bring them into close contact with more germs.

With this in mind, the crew member issued a warning.

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They urged: “I ALWAYS recommend you never, ever, ever, EVER use or put anything in the seat pocket.

“They are cleared of rubbish but are never ‘cleaned’.”

Of course, since the pandemic, most airlines have ramped up cleaning onboard flights.

While planes were often not deep cleaned until the end of daily service, with just a brief once over between flights, the majority of them now see a heightened cleaning regime between every journey.

Even so, passengers can also take cleanliness into their own hands.

The crew member recommended packing some additional items to ensure the seat space directly around a traveller has been wiped down with antibacterial cleaner.

“If you’re flying short-haul, definitely bring antibac wipes or sanitiser,” they said.

This recommendation was echoed by Kelly A. Reynolds, a professor and environmental microbiologist at the University of Arizona.

It is particularly true for passengers who are concerned about flying in the wake of the pandemic.

“Coronavirus is actually easy to kill”, Reynolds told The Points Guy.

“Studies have shown that disinfecting wipes and hand sanitisers can kill bacteria and viruses that are much more difficult to kill than coronavirus”.

She recommends passengers wipe down their tray table, armrests and seat back.

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