Flight attendant spills beans on weird object ‘geeks’ like to steal from plane

A flight attendant has revealed there is an important item that is stolen from planes all the time.

In a TikTok video, Kaylee @flyingkaylee walks down the aisle of the Boeing plane and explain how she knows "aviation geeks" have been on the flight.

She shows a seat that is missing the safety card from its pouch and says the item – showing how to evacuate the plane in an emergency and do the brace position – is highly collectible in the nerdy circles.

You can even buy them on eBay and AvGeeks (aviation geeks) like to own a copy of every airline's safety card.

"We always have extra for this reason," she writes in the caption.

Kaylee, who works for the low-cost airline Swoop in Canada, uploaded the clip on September 16 and it's been watched more than 15,000 times.

One kleptomaniac commented: "Not me and my two boxes of almost 200 cards."

A second person wrote: "Not gonna lie I've 100% done this a few times. Any time I fly a new airline… and the magazine."

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Someone else said: "Are people allowed to do this? I've always stopped myself before debarring."

Kaylee replied: "Technically no but we have a few extras in case.

"But everyone must have a card in order for us to leave."

In another post, Kaylee left people baffled when she explained that all new planes have an ashtray in the toilet cubicle even though smoking onboard is illegal.

The ashtray is positioned under a giant "NO SMOKING" sign that is written in English and French.

Another flight attendant revealed she had a secret code for letting other cabin crew members know she fancied one of the passengers.

One time she claimed she even claim she gave a passenger her number on a napkin and later invited him up to her hotel room.

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