Flight attendant spills beans on travel hack for when your bag is too heavy

A flight attendant has explained how you can avoid fees for having overweight bags with her nifty tip.

Kat Kamalani, a cabin crew member from the US, says the method is a "game-changer" and you just need to remember to pack an empty pillowcase on your travels.

The influencer recently believed her home might be possessed by ghosts but was back to giving travel tips in her latest social media post.

In the video she uploaded on her Instagram page, she says: "This travel hack will save you if you ever have baggage that is overweight while traveling.

"This hack works the best when you are traveling home from vacation.

"You will always want to carry a pillowcase in your bag because if your bags are overweight you can stuff your pillowcase full of clothes and ice it as a pillow on the aircraft.

"This is seriously a game changer to avoid those fees for overweight bags."

Since it was uploaded on Thursday (October 28) the clip has been watched hundreds of times and many viewers said it was a helpful tip.

One user said: "This is genius! Will it count as a personal item?"

"I actually carry two pillowcases so that I can put clothes in one and then put that one open side in the other case. It looks like a pillow," said a second person.

But another user blasted: "Great just what I want. Person next to me with dirty clothes in a pillow nice smell lol."

Someone else said: "Unfortunately, they see the pillow as a carry-on. When I had an actual pillow they made me put it in the carry-on bag but that was with a low-cost airline."

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