Flight attendant slams male admirers who refuse to accept she has a boyfriend

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A glamorous air hostess has garnered a huge following on Instagram.

Laura D’amore boasts 666,000 fans – but her impressive platform has its drawbacks.

The 37-year-old, from Catania, Italy, says trolls accuse her of Photoshopping her pictures.

She also receives rude comments from men – who can be jealous that the stunning flight attendant has a boyfriend.

Laura said: "I've had DMs where people have asked me if I've Photoshopped my pictures because they can't believe that I look like that.

"Other men have said that I'm a bad person because I didn't respond to them, but I have a boyfriend. He's proud of what I've achieved so I don't think he minds to the situation too much.”

Laura is pleased she chose to become a flight attendant, which was never a path she expected to take in life.

She said: "I didn't always know that this is what I would do.

“I worked abroad for several years as a teacher before returning to Italy and that's when I decided to hand in my application to be an air hostess.

"I've now been an air hostess for thirteen years.”

Even though Laura does receive some negativity online, she says the attention she gets in the workplace is overwhelmingly positive.

She said: “I’ve been recognised at work but I approach my job with love and consistency so sometimes, I forget about all of the online attention…

“At work, there is constant professionalism, but being a beautiful girl means it's inevitable that you'll receive attention from men.

"Some people I encounter at work say I look even better face-to-face than I do on Instagram.

"Both customers and followers are very respectful and polite but when they're not, I immediately block them.”

Laura refuses to let negativity hold her back and is pleased that her cabin crew career has been such a success.

When she’s not in the air, the glamorous flight attendant has been able to travel and take on new business ventures.

She also plans to take on some acting roles in the future.

Laura added: "I've been able to receive so many incredible opportunities and soon – thanks to my manager Cristian Nardi – I'm going to venture into the world of entertainment.

"I'm starring in a new action/science-fiction film that is being filmed completely in Italy.

"My role as an air hostess has meant that I've also become an influencer. Being an air hostess is a job that challenges you to be both dynamic and enterprising and I love the constant evolution."

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