Flight attendant shares tips for best travelling – from early trips to booking
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    A stunning flight attendant has spoken out about the rising cost of travel in 2022 – and shared her top tips for getting some winter sun.

    Jessica Lyons, 34, from Brazil, has worked as cabin crew for two years so she’s seen her fair share of flights.

    Now working out of Chicago, USA, the influencer with 21,000 fans on Instagram page @jessica.dreis, sees the number of holidaymakers rising.

    There are plenty of Black Friday deals you can snap up for discounted travel – from lastminute.com to easyJet which may add to the business of the season.

    However, Jessica spoke to Daily Star and offered up her advice for those wanting to join the jet set over the next few months.

    She claims that following her advice will help you to avoid queues and stress while saving money.

    The gorgeous air hostess said: “Traveling during the holidays this year is expected to raise compared to last year and even before COVID.

    “After two challenging years of travel bans, restrictions, and lockdowns the number of travellers [is] expected to hit the highest level in three years.

    “I have five tips to share with you for traveling smoothly during the season”.

    Don’t book tight connections

    Jessica noted: "When booking a flight we want to get to our destination the fastest way possible – who wants to spend time sitting at the airport? Nobody.

    "We just think, 'Oh a 40 minute connection is great', but tight connections are really dangerous and can ruin your plans.

    "If the plane doesn’t leave on time you won’t be able to catch the second flight.

    "There are so many factors for a flight being delayed and this time of the year there is a lot of air traffic congestion."

    Of course if you miss a connection, you could end up stranded at an airport trying to find new flights – not ideal at all.

    She added: "The number one question I hear every time during flight is about connection and unfortunately we can’t help you.

    "I have seen people missing important events, international flights and family cruises because of flight connections. Ideally look for flights within three hours connection between flights."

    Get the earliest flight in the morning

    The flight attendant suggested: "Morning flights are usually fast, cheaper and less likely to be delayed.

    "You also avoid spending [extra] time in airport security. Morning flights are my favourite because it's less stressful.

    "According to Forbes.com data released by the Department of Transportation morning flights – those arriving between 6 a.m. and 12:59 p.m. – have a higher percentage of timely arrivals, at 82.6%, than late afternoon, evening and overnight flights.

    "On-time performance steadily dwindles as the day progresses and bottoms out by the evening."

    Don’t be the last person to get on the plane

    Jessica told Daily Star: "If you have more than one item you might end up checking your bag. I see it every day: people getting on the plane with bags and have to check it.

    "The overhead bins in some airplanes are small and can’t accommodate everyone’s bag.

    "If the flight is full and everyone is carrying bags it won’t have space for all bags specially during winter because the coats get a significant space in the overhead bin."

    Book directly with airlines

    The flight attendant noted: "If travel is booked through an agency or independent website, the airline may not deal with some problems directly, but may ask you to fix the problems with the company you used to purchase tickets."

    Entertain yourself

    Jessica added: "Get books, headphones, magazines, games and even download movies to entertain yourself during flights.

    "And never forget patience and flexibility are the first rules of traveling."


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