Flight attendant shares the weirdest thing a passenger has ever done on a flight

Flight attendants see a lot.

The cabin crew members are there to make sure customers are both comfortable and safe while flying, but that often means being subject to many different personalities and behaviours.

Whether it's passengers with disgusting plane habits or those who use cheeky hacks to avoid baggage fees, they've seen it all.

And now flight attendants and pilots have shared their "weirdest" experiences while working in the sky.

On the social media site, Quora, one user posted the question: "As a flight attendant, what is the weirdest thing you have seen a passenger do on a flight?"

Many took to the comments section to reveal their answers, but one in particular stuck out.

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A former flight attendant revealed he attempted to "thwart" a couple from joining the mile high club once.

Describing the scene, he explained that he noticed a male enter the lavatory and not lock it.

However, he didn't think much of it as it's was a regular occurrence.

Speaking of the incident, he explained:" [It] happens more often than not, I’ll never understand why because it turns the light on!

"Anyway, not thinking much of it, I go about my business and then I noticed a younger female then walk toward the back and try to enter the same lav."

The former cabin crew member then explained how it played out.

He said: "So, I said to her, 'Sorry, that one’s occupied.'

"She didn’t attempt to go into the other lav directly across, but, once I turned my back, she once again tried to go into the same lav again."

He continued: "As I saw her hand reach for the handle, I spun around and repeated. 'Again, sorry miss, but that lavatory is occupied'. So she sighed, and went back to her seat."

The flight attendant then reveals the man came out of the toilet without flushing and headed back to his seat, but the couple weren't done there.

Moments later the cabin crew member realises the woman is no longer in her seat.

He said: "I finish up grabbing supplies and walk forward to the front, and noticed that the female was gone and the male was sitting alone in the row.

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"As I am putting my supplies away in the forward galley, this dude comes up and goes to enter the forward lav, which was also occupied! Oh boy, here we go!"

He added: "So I go through the same with him until he gives up and then maybe two minutes later the female from the back of the plane exits the forward lav without flushing.

"So, clearly, putting two and two together – we know what they were trying to do."

Others revealed how they once saw a man using a sanitary pad as a face mask, while others have had to put up with passengers doing yoga on the seats.

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