Flight attendant says passengers should never wear shorts on the plane

A flight attendant shared some useful plane hacks including the dirtiest areas on the aircraft passengers should avoid at all costs and why travellers should never wear shorts when going on holiday. On his TikTok channel @tommycimato, the crew member shared his best advice and recommendations and urged passengers not to rest their head on the plane window.

The flight attendant explained: “Do not fall asleep or lean your head on the window. You are not the only one that has done that and you don’t know how many people or children have wiped their hands or other things all over the window.”

He also advised passengers to try to avoid wearing shorts when flying. “It’s the same thing as the window, you never know how clean it’s going to be, so if you have pants, you’re going to have less germs.”

By wearing long trousers, passengers will avoid direct contact with the seat and will be more protected against germs on the plane.

The bathroom is considered one of the dirtiest spots on the aircraft, and the crew member urged holidaymakers to avoid touching the flush button.

He said: “Do not ever touch the flush button with your bare hands. It’s honestly just super unsanitary and pretty gross, so when you flush, use a napkin or tissue that’s in the lavatory.”

The flight attendant also advised travellers to drink plenty of water and stay hydrated the next time they catch a flight.

If passengers feel unwell during the flight, he encouraged them to speak to the crew. “Don’t feel afraid,” he said.

“So if you need food, water or an air sickness bag, please feel free to let us know,” the flight attendant added.

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American flight attendant Jamila Hardwick appeared on the TV programme Inside Edition and revealed that certain parts of the plane are rarely cleaned, including tray tables.

She explained: “Oh my gosh, this is disgusting. When cleaners come on they don’t have time to wipe down every individual tray.”

A 2019 study by Insurancequotes.com revealed that a tray table has an average of 11.595 germ colony-forming units (CFUs).

During Covid, however, airlines put in place a series of strict safety and sanitary measures which included the disinfection of the aircraft before and after a flight.

Passengers are advised to use disinfectant wipes to clean their tray table before a meal, especially after pictures of passengers using the plane’s tray tables as footrests have been shared on social media, some of them without shoes or socks.

On Instagram, a user who claimed to be a crew member commented on one of those pictures explaining: “As a flight attendant, I always tell people to take their feet off the table. I say it very nicely. Most comply.

“I say it breaks the table, etc but really I think it’s so disgusting and tacky. What are they going to do?

“Write a letter about me saying she made me take my feet off the table. Never. Some flight attendants don’t care but I try to keep some kind of civility at work, but it’s a tiresome battle.”

On the social media platform Reddit, another flight attendant shared her insight and advised passengers to avoid placing their belonging in the seat pockets.

She explained why: “I always recommend you never, ever, ever, ever use or put anything in the seat pocket.

“They are cleared of rubbish but are never ‘cleaned’. I have pulled out and seen all sorts being pulled out from there.

“Dirty tissues, sick bags, knickers, socks, people’s feet, gum, half-sucked sweets, apple cores… and then next flight you go and put your phone/laptop/iPad in there.”

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