Flight attendant says passengers often complain in seats with extra legroom

A flight attendant has spoken up about her life in the skies – the good, the bad and the annoying..

Emma Taylor, who has worked as cabin crew for Ryanair for five months, posts about her adventures at 35,000ft on Instagram, @emmamtaylorr.

Plus, revealed the things that passengers do that irritate her when working – including the etiquette that comes with booking a seat with extra legroom.

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Speaking about passengers' annoying habits, she told the Daily Star: “Another thing that really annoys me is probably when people purchase extra leg room seats then complain when I tell them their bags and jackets must be up for take off and landing because they are in an emergency exit row!

“It’s in the guidelines if they read it!”

Despite this, Emma does recommend holidaymakers book extra legroom seats when offering her advice for a great flight.

Emma noted: “My best piece of advice would probably be always get an extra leg room seat because you can chill so much more and it’s just more relaxing!

“And always be nice to the crew because they are always trying their best and just doing what they can!”

Some perks of her job included being able to travel the world, although she adds that "having the nicest passengers sometimes and the nicest crew is the best part".

However, not all passengers make the flight attendant’s day.

Emma explained: “There can be some passengers that are rude for no reason and that’s definitely something that annoys me because we are just trying to do our job!

“Especially when a flight is delayed, usually the reason is because the aircraft is being used by a different crew in another country and they were delayed coming back by something out of their control.

“It means that when we finally swap and get onto that aircraft passengers tend to be mad at us for the delay even though we’ve just got onto the aircraft 30 minutes before them and we have nothing to do with it!”

Thankfully, those passengers who do appreciate the crew make sure to show it.

Emma said: “Sometimes we get passengers that will give us cash and say keep this because you’ve been amazing! Although normally they give us euros which we can’t use.”


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