Eurostar launches direct route to Amsterdam – and tickets can be snapped up from £35

Eurostar launched a new daily service today (June 11).

It launched a direct route to London to the Netherlands – with trains running every day.

The high-speed link takes less time than you may think.

While travellers can get to Rotterdam from three hours 13 minutes, the Amsterdam journey takes around three hours 52 minutes.

Tickets can be snapped up from £35 one way, which is an affordable price for most holidaymakers.

Comparatively, the cheapest direct flight to Rotterdam this month costs £70.

Taking the Eurostar could half your travel costs in this instance.

Despite this, customers are always advised to compare prices before booking.

Taking the train isn’t necessarily cheaper than flying.

Holidaymakers flying from London to Amsterdam can purchase EasyJet seats for just £23 each way.

Last year, Eurostar kickstarted non-direct routes to Amsterdam. 

Since the launch, more than 300,000 passengers have travelled the route.

The travel firm hopes customers will consider swapping planes for trains.

Doing this is said to be better for the environment.

Since the service began, over 16,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions have been saved by passengers choosing high-speed rail over flying.

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