EasyJet cancels dozens of flights from Gatwick – leaving Brits stranded

Thousands of easyJet passengers face their holidays being disrupted after the airline cancelled dozens of flights at the last second.

Yesterday, as well as this morning, May 25, the budget airline cancelled services leaving customers at airports around the UK unsure about their next steps.

Many were forced to book into hotels or scramble to find seats on the next available flight thanks to the cancelled journeys.

EasyJet cancelled three flights from Belfast International Airport to Gatwick, Faro and Bristol on Sunday evening, and another to Gatwick on Monday morning.

At least 26 easyJet flights have been cancelled to and from Gatwick on Monday, the Independent reports.

The move left many irate easyJet customers to take to social media and express their anger.

"You’ve left me and five friends stranded in Toulouse today cancelling the 2.30 flight to Gatwick 2 1/2 hours before (departure)," Tony Shand wrote on Twitter

"We can’t get through on any helpline – engaged after 37 calls!! Customer Service is woeful. Help!!"

David Thompson added: "Aunt on an easyJet flight Gatwick to Aberdeen.

"Should have left at at 1.20pm but passengers still on the plane at 3.15pm waiting for baggage handlers to load the bags.

"Gatwick Airport letting the side down. Hopefully she can still make her connecting flight to Shetland."

Gill Lockett had an unhappy experience on the airline yesterday too.

"EasyJet were dreadful yesterday," she wrote.

"Left us 2 hrs on the tarmac at Manchester, took us back to Gatwick and failed to sort out either accommodation or new flights – earliest flight back would be Wednesday. Many unhappy customers severely out of pocket. Original flight expensive."

Rosaleen Gormley from Belfast was waiting at Bristol airport for her flight home.

“Suddenly at 7.53 am we got a text saying the flight was cancelled,” she told Stephen Nolan on BBC Radio Ulster.

The message told passengers to book a hotel via the app, but Ms Gormley said it kept crashing and ground staff were of no help.

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A spokesperson for the airline said: “easyJet is operating around 1,650 flights today across the network with a quarter operating to and from Gatwick.

“Unfortunately we have made some cancellations overnight, in advance of customers arriving at the airport this morning.

“This is due to a number of different factors including reduced flow rates at Gatwick due to runway works yesterday, four aircraft experiencing technical issues and crew minimum rest requirements following yesterday’s flying.

“We have informed all customers and provided them with their options and are sorry for any inconvenience caused.”

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