Don’t take skincare or e-cigarette refills containing CBD oil to UAE, warns UK Foreign Office

Tourists to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) have been warned not to bring products containing CBD oil into the country.

The UK’s Foreign Office (FCO) updated its guidance to the UAE to advise travellers that CBD, short for cannabidiol, is illegal in the UAE and should not be brought into the country.

The FCO warned that some skincare products and E-cigarette refills contain CBD oil.

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Over the past year, products containing CBD have become mainstream and the natural compound is present in everything from snacks to skincare, which are sold legally in the UK.

“If you’re entering the country with medication that the UAE classes as narcotic, psychotropic, controlled or semi-controlled, approval is needed from the UAE authorities.

“A list of medicines where this rule applies, allowed quantities and documents to present can be found on the UAE Ministry of Health website,” the advice states.

Around 1.5 million tourists visit the UAE each year, primarily heading to Dubai and capital Abu Dhabi.

Meanwhile, tourists to Dubai can now buy alcohol from shops, thanks to new measures introduced to make the city more visitor-friendly. 

Holidaymakers could previously only purchase and consume drinks at licensed venues like hotels and restaurants.

They can now buy alcohol from two registered chains of liquor shop in the emirate, provided they are over 21 years of age and have applied for a free licence.

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