Dad slated for using son’s tip to get free holiday – and then leaving him behind

A dad recently came under fire after booking a family holiday – but leaving his son behind.

The parent shared his concerns on Reddit after using an award travel card to pay for a trip to Cancun, Mexico, but was accused of prioritising his daughters.

The dad explained that the travel car had been his 18-year-old son’s idea.

However, he felt he couldn’t take one of his children because of difficulties finding a date that worked for the whole family.

Sharing his worry on the AITA page, he said: “ My son (18) is obsessed with award travel and free flights. He reads and researches it all day and has not shut up about it for the past year.

“I have been ignoring it for a while, but recently I’ve really wanted to go on a trip to cancun that our family may not be able to afford otherwise.

“I finally took his advice and opened the card he has been telling me about. The bonus from the card is enough to essentially cover the entire cost of our trip.”

The dad continued: “We have been trying to find dates that work for us to go. He suggested winter break since he has the entire month off from school, but his sisters (f14, f16) play sports and wouldn’t be able to go during that time.

“I want to go over spring break, but his break doesn’t line up with his sister’s so he wouldn’t be able to come with. When my daughters and I suggested we go without him in the spring, he was extremely upset and said that he couldn’t believe we would even consider this and brought up the fact that he planned the trip and researched the card to earn it for free.”

The dad said he thought his son was being “selfish” for “trying to stop the rest of the family from going on vacation.”

He added: “All of my daughters’ friends go on vacation during spring break and I don’t want them to feel left out. I never asked for him to plan the trip and I don’t think it’s fair for him to derail the plans for the rest of the family.

“He is demanding that my daughters and I apologise for suggesting we go on the trip without him.”

Over 1,400 people commented on the post offering their opinions – and many tore the dad down for his decision.

One person wrote: “You're putting a vacation (and your daughters) above your son – you may think you're being ‘logical’ and that it's just a trip, but your son is getting the message loud and clear that you don't care about spending time with him and you're just using his hard work for your own gain.”

Another added: “It’s very clear that the sisters’ are the priority and the son is an after thought. Just say it out loud like the horrible biased parent that you are.”

“Oh my god dude. You are such an AH [A**hole],” commented a third. “You said it yourself. You can't afford the trip. You said it yourself, you listened to your son and that's the only reason there is a trip. Why would your son not be on it?”

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While a fourth noted: “You started by commenting on how annoying he was being with talking a lot about the free flights.

“Then you realised you needed his idea and were all too happy to take the advice. Now, you want to leave him behind on what I presume will be an awesome trip…”

Many accused him of having “favourite” children.

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