Cruise ship with theme park will feature world’s longest rollercoaster at sea

A cruise company is planning to launch a brand new ship which will feature the world's largest rollercoaster at sea.

The cruise, which is known as Global Dream, is currently being built in Germany and is planning to set sail in 2021.

According to Dream Cruises, the company behind the new cruise liner, the ride will be part of a new theme park known as Dream Park at the pier.

The 300m (984ft) rollercoaster, which will be the first of its kind, will be called Space Cruiser and is built by Maurer Rides.

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The designers have also created attractions including G Force at Drayton Manor and Spinball Whizzer at Alton Towers.

On this ride, there are just three carts, each sitting up to two people. Each of the carts is equipped with an integrated throttle which allows passengers to control the speed.

Marco Hartwig, project manager at Maurer Rides, said that the rollercoaster "guarantees a spectacular and breathtaking ride" which will be able to travel up to speeds of 37mph.

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Passengers will feel like they're flying over the sea because the ride circles the top deck of the ship.

Although the Space Cruise coaster is an attraction for adults, there are loads of other things kids could do to keep entertained.

Smaller rides include Kranky Kraken where kids can ride a friendly octopus and Little Dreamers Ride where they can drive mini karts.

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Also on board the cruse are cinemas, spas, shops and plenty of restaurants.

The new ship will have a whopping 2,500 cabins that accommodate up to 5,000 passengers.

All rooms will feature bluetooth locks and a smart system which allows passengers to control lighting and temperatures by using their phones.

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