Covid 19 coronavirus: How to preserve your travel memories

When I was a young child, my father travelled around New Zealand regularly for work. Occasionally, his trips would be timed during the school holidays – and it was an opportunity for all five of us children to pile into our retro yellow Mitsubishi L300 van for a road trip to wherever Dad had to drive for his next conference.

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To keep us quiet during the many hours on the road and milling about in the dingy motels of the 80s, we were given scrapbooks so we could draw pictures, journal our thoughts and provide a space to stick mementos we collected along the way. Mum always encouraged us to keep a travel diary.

I don’t remember much of the trips themselves, but I do remember how much I loved reliving the holiday once I was back home by going over the scrapbooks and re-reading diary entries.

Here’s how you, too, can preserve some of your travel memories until such time as we can travel freely again.

Create a postcard wall

Rather than sticking postcards to your fridge and having them eventually covered up by magnets, put them to better use by turning them into an art display.

Create a postcard wall by sticking a collection of cards to a pinboard, use them inside picture frames instead of photos, or hang some string up and peg your postcards to the line.

Start a scrapbook

A scrapbook can be as simple or as elaborate as you like.

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