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Wheelchair-user Claire Bromley, 58, and husband Keith, 62, were supposed to board the P&O ship at the end of August. The pair had forked out more than £3,000 for the holiday, which they had booked last year.

However, they have now received the devastating news that their holiday has been cancelled.

They say this is due to the company using the disabled cabin they had booked as a Covid-19 isolation room.

StokeonTrentLive reports they contacted P&O Cruises and the firm apologised to the Bromley’s for their experience and put it down to “Covid protocols”.

Claire, from Silverdale, Lancashire, said: “We thought it was a joke. I asked why and they said it was because they want to use my disabled cabin as an isolation cabin – we were really disappointed about that.

“I asked if they could offer me another cabin and they said all the others are full. I am really disgusted.

“A disabled cabin is bigger to take the wheelchair and it’s got a walk-in shower. It’s not fair.

“If we are on the 15th deck and someone has got it (Covid) on the 12th you’re not going to move them to the 15th because they will contaminate the ship, if you get Covid you should stay in your own cabin not move.”

P&O Cruises refunded the couple the cost of the trip but said they were working to resolve the issue.

However, Claire and Keith have since booked a break to Blackpool instead.

Claire had also paid an extra £500 for insurance for the cruise due to her health issues – money she says she will not get back.

She added: “We were excited because we had been trying to book a cruise for over three years. When we knew we were on this one, we were really happy.

“From going on a cruise to going to Blackpool is a bit of a step-down. We’ve used them for a long time and they’ve let us down.

“I asked for compensation and they said we can have £400 each but have got to spend it on a P&O ship. We didn’t take it because we didn’t want to go with P&O again.

“I wouldn’t recommend them to anybody. It feels like they’ve kicked us in the teeth.

“They waited for it to be three weeks before boarding before deciding they wanted it for an isolation cabin. We are so mad we want everybody to know about it.”

A spokeswoman for P&O Cruises said: “We are so sorry that Mrs Bromley had this experience which was due to our Covid protocols. We are working with her travel agent to resolve this and ensure she has the holiday she planned.”

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