Caravan holidays: Expert reveals four crucial tips for staying safe

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Staycations have seen a rise in 2020 and that includes more Britons trying out caravan holidays. Thanks to the surge in bookings, many campsites and holiday parks have been given the green-light to extend their season.

With this in mind, holidaymakers could be gearing up for a staycation.

However, for first-timers, there are some things they might not realise they need in order to ensure maximum safety.

Luckily, a caravan pro from Cloudy2Clear, who frequently work with caravan owners, has revealed four ways to ensure a safe and relaxing trip.

“The last thing you want when you’re on holiday is for someone to have an accident, especially when it could have been avoided,” says Louis McGee, Cloudy2Clear’s North West Area Manager.

That is why Britons should consider four things when preparing for their holiday.

The expert firstly recommends buying a torch ahead of your travels.

“Most static caravan sites are far from the light pollution of big cities, which means you might struggle to adapt to the darkness,” he explains.

“Make sure you’ve got a torch handy for whenever you’re walking around outside when the sun’s down.”

Another thing Britons should be aware of is fire safety.

Though it is a worst-case scenario, being too lax about some elements could increase risk.

“You should always have a minimum of one smoke alarm and a fire extinguisher in your caravan at all times,” McGee points out.

“A fire blanket is another good piece of safety equipment to invest in, in

case of a kitchen fire.”

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He also draws attention to gas canisters.

“Most static caravans are heated by propane gas cylinders,” the expert points out.

“Always make sure that your gas connection is secure and that any canisters are fixed in a safe and secure position.”

For Britons who own a caravan, he adds: “It’s also advised that you get a professional to perform a gas fire and boiler check annually.”

Of course, along with accidents, keeping your personal possessions safe from theft is also a major element of having an enjoyable holiday.

“It’s crucial that you keep your doors and windows locked

for your own security,” explained McGee.

“Make sure all locks, handles and hinges are in good working order and aren’t stiff or jammed.”

As well as taking the above precautions, Britons should also invest in a robust travel insurance policy.

Though travel insurance is often mistakenly considered just for international trips, it is important holidaymakers also protect their domestic travels.

“It is important to take out travel insurance for a staycation under normal circumstances to cover various issues,” Antony Martin, Managing Director at exclusively told

“[These include] cancellation in case you or your travel companion falls ill just before the trip, curtailment in case you have to cut your staycation short, transport delays, lost or stolen luggage and personal liability to cover legal expenses if you’re held responsible for causing damages or injury to another person while on holiday.”

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