Campsites reopen: Five top tips for campervan holidays in the UK as bookings surge

Campsites and caravan parks have seen a huge surge in bookings this summer due to the coronavirus pandemic. But even as international travel restrictions and bans ease, Britons seem less interested in breaks abroad, opting for outdoor trips to the British countryside and seasides instead. Staycations have definitely been coined as the travel trend of 2020 meaning that campervans have also seen a boom in interest.


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Like tents, campervans offer isolation while allowing users to enjoy the great outdoors.

Indie Campers, a company that owns Europe’s largest fleet of campervans for customers to rent, has seen a similar surge in bookings.

Hugo Olivera, CEO at Indie Campers said that domestic bookings have rocketed this year since May.

“About 70 percent of our travellers experience their first road trip with us.

“Based on our recent booking patterns, since May this percentage has become even higher,” says Hugo Oliveira, CEO of Indie Campers.

“In the UK alone, we observed a 31 percent increase in domestic bookings compared to 2019,” he added.

If you’re planning a post-lockdown campervan adventure, here are five tips to remember, according to Indie Campers.

1. Know your van

Before whizzing off down the road, it’s important that you get to know what you’re driving and how it works.

For most people, it will be a new experience driving something wider and longer.

Watch tutorials, read expert advice and ask questions if you’re unsure.

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2. Plan – but keep it flexible

Planning ahead is key but a minute-by-minute itinerary is not essential.

Plan the route you want to take, keeping in mind that there may be traffic, accidents and road works on the way.

You may also want to stop off to admire views on the way.

3. Pack light but smart

Clothes and maps are important but torches, USB cables and wipes could be essential on a campervan trip.

Waterproofs, water and snacks are also key just in case you break down on the way to your destination.

4. Organise the van

Make sure all the items you use regularly are easy to get to.

This can be essential for families with small children where wipes, juice, toys, blankets and gadgets can be the difference between a small tantrum or hours of crying.

5. Take valuables with you

If you’re leaving your van to explore, don’t leave your wallet or valuables.

This includes travel documents, passports, money, keys and jewellery.

Also remember to leave nothing valuable on show to deter thieves.

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