Cabin crew reveal which plane seats to sit in to avoid turbulence

DO you have a fear of flying?

If turbulence makes you feel anxious and nauseous, it’s best to do what you can make your journey easier.

Picking the right seat on the plane is an easy way to do this.

So which spot should you book to lessen the impacts of turbulence?

Former flight attendant, Matt, spoke to The Mirror about turbulence.

He revealed that it’s best to sit as close to the cockpit as possible – as this is the part of the cabin that is least affected by what’s going on outside.

The cabin crew member noted: "If you’re a nervous flyer or feel uneasy with turbulence, then sit as close to the front of the plane as possible.

“If you like turbulence and feeling everything then sit near the back of the plane.”

If you can’t bag a seat by the front of the plane, head to the middle.

Commercial airline pilot Jonny Knowlson says sitting by the wings should provide you with some stability.

He told MailOnline: “Did you know sitting over the wings on a big aircraft that flies at a higher altitude will work in your favour?

“Being closer to the centre of the plane’s mass while forces such as lift, torque, wind, gravity, drag and thrust act upon it will mean you’ll be well placed for a smooth ride.”

If you can’t avoid turbulence, try to remain calm.

When flights feel bumpy it’s often not a big deal.

Typically, it means there has been a sudden change in the airflow outside.

This is pretty low risk.

Planes have been built to withstand turbulence, so it’s usually nothing to worry about.

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