Britons are back – Spain sees tourism return as travel rules change

Spain holidays: Tour guide explains where to visit

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Spain is many Britons’ favourite holiday destination. While the pandemic may have turned many away from an overseas holiday, determined holidaymakers still jetted off to Spain for some sun and fun.

As a result, the Spanish tourism industry is recuperating well after a difficult 2020.

International arrivals have returned to pre-Covid levels and Britons are part of the influx.

Arrivals into the European country were high this summer, with 555,183 tourists from the UK.

This is a 46.5 percent increase on 2020.

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There are even reports of some hotels doing better than before the pandemic.

Most tourists are heading to the Balearic Islands and the regions of Catalonia and Valencia in search of seaside fun.

Britons are flocking to Spain and taking to social media to share their plans.

One user said: “Here in Spain on holiday. Spanish so pleased us Britons are here.”

Another wrote: “I’ve only gone and booked myself a holiday to Spain next Sunday I can’t wait woohoo.”

Britons – and other English-speakers – are taking over some areas of Spain.

Which leads to some slightly surreal situation.

One English-speaker said: “Spending the week in Spain trying to speak ONLY Spanish.

“Not because I want to practice the language or integrate with locals but because I don’t want the Britons to attempt to make friends with me and ruin my solo holiday.”

The love Britons have for Spain seemed to be a running joke on social media.

One person wrote: “Britons be like ‘Got a bank holiday, luv. Fancy a trip to Spain?’”

With UK holidays widely reported to be more expensive than holidaying abroad, Britons are going back to their pre-Covid holiday habits and going back to Spain.

Interestingly, the current travel restrictions don’t seem to be much of an issue for Britons.

Everyone trying to enter Spain from the UK needs a negative PCR test or proof of full vaccination.

Britons heading south also need to fill in a health control form.

Once in Spain, face masks, social distancing and Covid safety measures are still in place. While these vary per regions, Spain has not gone back to its pre-pandemic way of living yet.

To re-enter the UK from an amber list country such as Spain, vaccinated Britons need to be tested twice.

Once before they re-enter the UK and once after their return.

Unvaccinated Britons need to quarantine.
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