Brainteaser asks users to spot 10 attractions in 6 minutes – can you do it?

The latest brainteaser to go viral involves 10 popular tourist attractions.

With summer in full swing, South Western Railway has launched another “say-what-you-see” quiz.

But this time, players have to find 10 popular tourist attractions in less than 6 minutes.

So do you think you can do it?

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Four tickets to Legoland Windsor are on offer for those who can successfully guess the correct name of 10 attractions.

In the photo is shows 10 attractions within the South Western Railway all hidden in a busy scene.

The launch, which has been created by Reflect Digital, has been released to encourage families to visit one of these attractions.

Visit the link here to try the game and remember – you have to complete it in under 6 minutes.

If that was way too difficult for you, scroll down and we’ve got the answers.

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Alex Bolt, Campaigns Manager at South Western Railway, said: “After the success of our first say-what-you-see destinations game, we’re launching a second quiz to highlight the great range of attractions and destinations on our network.

“We’re encouraging our customers to shake up their summer and do something a bit different on their journeys. We hope everyone has fun trying to find the 10 clues.”

But if that was too easy, don’t worry we’ve got some more brainteasers for you to try.

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Previously, the internet was baffled by a riddle only “smart people can solve”.

The riddle comes with the intro: “Two men had lunch together and ordered iced teas to drink.

“One man had five during lunch while the other man only had one. All of the drinks were poisoned.

“The man that only had one drink died, but the man that had five drinks survived. How can that be?”

The brainteaser could leave you puzzled for days, but luckily we’ve got an answer.

The first man died as the poison was in the ice and the man who drank five iced teas never let his ice melt.

So this means that the man who drank one iced tea died as he nursed his drink over lunch, letting all his ice dilute.

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