Bowman’s Travel Brief: What’s Your Travel Habit?

YELLOWSTONE, WY - AUGUST 22: Visitors come and go at the south entrance of Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming on August 22, 2018. Yellowstone is one of the most visited national parks in the United States. (Photo by George Frey/Getty Images)
The Buzludzha Monument was built toward the end of the Cold War by the Bulgarian communist regime, who hoped it would serve as a prominent and official headquarters for the Bulgarian Communist Party. The UFO-esque building was the site of many state functions, with Lenin and Marx posters and a red-star ceiling setting the ambiance. Though the monument was abandoned and closed to the public in 1989, sneaky explorers continue to venture in to gaze at the otherworldly dome.

There’s no denying it–humans are creatures of habit.

Our habits can be both good and bad, and some are certainly harder to break than others.

As you read this, you might already be thinking of the habits you’ve formed over the years as part of your daily routine. Whether it’s how you start your morning, end your day or biting your nails when you’re stressed–everyone has their habits.

When it comes to travel, there will always be people who exhibit terrible habits.

No matter if you’re a regular traveler or a travel agent/advisor, we all have our moments. From taking selfies in crowded places to perhaps being glued to our phones a little too much, chances are there’s at least one travel habit everyone could work to improve.

So, what’s your travel habit?

Are you a last-minute packer like me?

Are you a messy traveler, more of a neat freak or somewhere in between?

Do you recline your seat as soon as you get on the plane?

Do you always arrive early to your destination or are you more of a procrastinator?

Do you plan too much or hardly plan at all?

Maybe you’re on your phone more often than you should be, or you always end up forgetting something.

Whatever your travel habits are, take the necessary steps to eliminate your bad habits and replace them with good ones.

A few good travel habits I think everyone should develop include making copies of your IDs, taking pictures of your trip details, packing light (do you really need to check a bag?), arriving early to the airport and untucking the sheets from your hotel bed.

OK so maybe that last one isn’t a necessity and more about personal taste, but I’ll never for the life of me understand how people don’t untuck the sheets from under the hotel mattress. You like the feeling of being trapped? No thank you, not for me!

Get Caught Up

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Advice from an Agent

Valerie Mahoney is the Travel Advisor/Owner of Live Your Life Travel LLC, an affiliate of Avoya Travel/American Express. She can be reached at [email protected]

When asked what habits travelers should develop, Mahoney said:

traveling luggage in airport. (photo via suriya silsaksom / iStock / Getty Images Plus)

“It’s super beneficial that travelers learn a bit about the customs and culture of the destinations they visit to minimize culture shock and aid in the appreciation of different lifestyles.

When you know what to expect it’s easier to adjust and enjoy your adventure.”

On her advice for which bad habits travel agents should avoid:

“Travel professional should avoid quoting without thoroughly qualifying travelers. It’s the most efficient and best time-saving method. The travel industry is much too vast not to.”

And her advice on the good habits travel agents should form:

“Travel professionals should definitely make sure clients hear your smile on the phone. It so works and is contagious!”

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