Bloke claims flight service was ‘abhorrent’ after he refused to move for family

A man claims he experienced “abhorrent service” from an air hostess after he refused to move seats to allow a family to sit together.

The bloke claims he paid extra for a seat at the front so that he could have extra legroom for his 10 hour flight.

But a family of six wanted to sit together and so he refused to change his seat, reports the Mirror.

The traveller took to Reddit to all whether he’d really been unreasonable in refusing to move.

He wrote: "I paid a small amount extra for a seat that is in the front of the cabin – the coach seat that has a wall in front of it and extra legroom because it's my second leg in a 20-hour total trip.

"Two adults, two children (8ish?) and two infants would like to fill this row of four. Two adults with one infant each in the bassinet in front of them, and the two middle-schoolers. The attendant asked if I would move to a similar seat so they could sit together.

"I said, ‘but I paid extra for this seat.’"

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He continued: "The response was that the other seat was the exact same, so sure. It was not the exact same. It was the same chair, aisle, and class, but it was not with the extra legroom. I said, ‘absolutely not.’

"So one of the middle schoolers had to sit by themselves."

He claimed that since refusing other passengers kept shooting him dirty looks.

He added: "Service on the flight for me was abhorrent in comparison to everyone around me.”

And, staff "forgot" to serve him and seemed extra slow.

But, posters on Reddit thought that the man hadn’t done anything wrong – and that the staff should have come up with another resolution.

One person wrote: "You paid more and planned ahead. They didn't. Too many parents think the rest of us will just give them want they want even if they don't pay or plan for it."

"If the flight attendants had wanted to make it easier for the parents by you moving, they should have offered you a better seat.

“I bet there were a few open in first class," added another.

What do you think – was he in the wrong in this situation? Tell us in the comments…

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