Azure Window: Russian architect plans to rebuild Malta’s fallen Game of Thrones star

The Azure Window was the star of Malta’s Mediterranean coast.

The natural sea arch appeared as a backdrop to Hollywood movies and epic TV dramas such as Clash of the Titans (1981) and HBO’s Game of Thrones (2011).

So when it collapsed into the sea following a storm in 2017 it was seen as a tragedy, for film and beach lovers alike.

However, the Russian-based architecture firm Svetozar Andreev Studio has come up with a shining new idea to resurrect the island’s fallen Maltese star.

“THE HEART OF MALTA is a polygonal architectural form with mirrored steel faces, which will blend into the landscape, and have the same size and proportions as the original limestone arch,” reads the studio’s release accompanying stunning concept art.

The mirrored building will be home to 5000-square-metres of exhibition space to reflect on the areas natural and artistic beauty.

The high-concept high rise will house five floors of linked, museum space – each representing a thousand years of Maltese history.

From the cave-dwelling forbears, through Greek, Roman, French and British colonies the mirrored in the polished steel design which showcases the Island’s layered history.

“The sight of the empty Dwejra Bay inspired me to create a monument that would do more than simply copy the natural relief of the Azure Window, but would rather serve as a memorial to it,” said the architect Svetozar who first visited Malta in 2008.

Initial polls have shown that there is a lot of public interest in the plans.

Malta’s capital Valletta was elected European Capital of Culture last year. This ambitious design might be one way of continuing the island’s cultural legacy and bringing sustained numbers of visitors to the scenic coastline of Dwejra.

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