Australian woman stranded in Mexico with $100k medical bill

It was supposed to be the holiday of a lifetime to visit the Caribbean waters that surround the popular beachside resort town of Playa del Carmen in Mexico.

But just weeks after arriving for what was supposed to be a holiday over a few weeks, 29-year-old Brisbane woman Sarah Guinea faced a decision hundreds of thousands of Australians had to make amid the coronavirus pandemic.

While the decision to return home to Australia was an easy one for many, Ms Guinea decided to stay in Mexico out of fear of travelling amid a growing pandemic while having a blood auto-immune condition.

Ms Guinea’s condition means her immune system that produces autoantibodies attacks red blood cells as if they were substances foreign to the body. After discussing the option of flying home with her sister, Emilee Guinea, the pair decided it was safer for her to stay put until the early stage of the pandemic “blew over”.

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