‘Ask the flight attendant’: How to approach cabin crew to get upgraded to First Class

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Prerna Malhan and her husband Harsh run the Wanderer’s Hub, an online platform where they share their travels around the globe. The couple boasts almost five and a half million subscribers on their Youtube channel. The couple describes themselves as “gypsies at heart and Youtubers by profession”.

The couple, who have a passion for luxury, told Express.co.uk how they manage to bag upgrades on flights.

They told Express.co.uk readers: “You can always nicely ask the flight attendant to upgrade you to the better seats.”

Flight attendants sometimes have the power to upgrade flyers at their discretion. Getting on a flight attendant’s good books early in the process could see you rewarded with a better seat. Of course, there is no guarantee.

This depends on a lot of factors including whether seats are available in a higher class.

It is important to always be nice and friendly to the staff.

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However, some insiders have been known to share tips. Oak Lynn Woods, a vlogger and flight attendant for a major U.S. carrier, told TIME that she advises bringing treats to give to your crew in the hopes of an upgrade.

If this trick isn’t working for you, there are other ways to increase the chances of getting upgraded.

Prerna said: “We mostly use air miles and frequent flyer programs to get flight upgrades.

“If you travel frequently, invest in a good credit card and that can help you get air miles and that means free flights at times.

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“Some flights also run business-class sales from time to time so don’t forget to check for the same.

“Also, please always look for flight rates in an incognito mode.”

Of course, picking cheaper destinations is one way to keep costs low immediately.

Prerna said: “If you are beginning your journey of luxury travel with a limited budget, look for destinations that have cheaper flights.

“And travel during shoulder seasons (before the tourism months take a toll).”

The couple is currently touring their 31st country. The average UK adult has visited 14 countries.

The couple has managed their journies despite their “modest upbringing”.

Prerna went on: “Looking at the beginning, it wasn’t like we had a ton of cash in the bank.

First class travel: How do people get upgraded?

“At that time, we used to plan our trips cautiously and would have spent anywhere between $8000 and $10000 (a rough estimate) on visiting each country as a couple.

“This would include flights, hotels, visas, expenses, food, activities, travel insurance, and other miscellaneous expenses.

“In the first year of travelling, we used to track down every single penny going out of our pockets.

“Since Harsh and I both had modest upbringing we would save most of our money and put it all into fulfilling our dream of traveling the world.

“Our goal has always been collecting memories and not things since the start. Managing expenses became less worrisome with time as we started making money online.”

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