Ask the Captain: How can I overcome coronavirus fears so I can travel? How do pilots beat jet lag?

As someone who has flown for a career, how do you deal with jet lag?

– PD, Nebraska

Here are some tricks that I find helpful. First, stay hydrated. Cabin air is VERY dry so make sure you drink plenty of water.

When you get to your destination, try and get a nap (but not longer than three hours). Get out, walk around and take in some fresh air. Eat meals on the local schedule and go to bed on the local schedule. 

It should be easy to fall asleep the first night since you’ll so tired. But on the second night, it’s common to wake up in the very early morning hours and have trouble getting back to sleep.

For me, it’s harder to adjust on eastbound trips than westbound trips. The worst was flying from Asia or Australia to the U.S. It took several days to get back in sync with the local time. 

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