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 When it comes to traveling on planes, it's always best for passengers to have a backup plan just in case. Though it's rare for flights to turn around mid-flight for no reason, it can happen - sometimes under bizarre circumstances. Read on for a look at some of the strangest reasons flights have had to stop their journey and return to the airport they departed from.
In the hipster oasis that is Seattle, art comes in many forms, including, um, gum? According to the News Tribune, this sticky situation offends many locals who believe that their city should be known for something other than a wall of gum. This bacteria-infested art installation is in an alleyway next to the famed Pike Place Market, meaning that locals looking to pick up some fresh-caught fish have to endure Instagrammers looking for their best angle against a wall holding the germs of at least a few thousand other people.
Slide 1 of 70: Milan, Italy - January 30, 2017: E.T. the Extraterrestrial on american postage stamp
Slide 2 of 70: MEXICO - CIRCA 2012: A stamp printed in Mexico dedicated to Mexican traditions, showing Day of the Dead, circa 2012
Slide 3 of 70: A stamp printed in Guatemala shows typical costumes of Guatemala, circa 1970
Slide 4 of 70: A stamp printed in Honduras shows butterfly, Papilio polixenes, circa 1992
Slide 5 of 70: PANAMA - CIRCA 1989: A stamp printed in Panama dedicated to the opening of the Panama Canal, circa 1989
Slide 6 of 70: CUBA - CIRCA 1979: a stamp printed by Cuba shows House of the Americas Museum , 20th anniversary, circa 1979
Slide 7 of 70: A stamp printed in JAMAICA shows Causeway, Kingston Harbor, circa 1972
Slide 8 of 70: ECUADOR - CIRCA 1970: a stamp printed in the Ecuador shows Martin Luther King, John and Robert Kennedy, circa 1970
Slide 9 of 70: PERU - CIRCA 1985: A stamp printed in Peru commemorating the 450th anniversary of the founding of Lima, showing the palace Osambela, circa 1985
Slide 10 of 70: Milan, Italy - July 21, 2016: Steel band playing on the seaside in a postage stamp of Trinidad & Tobago
Slide 11 of 70: GRANADA, SPAIN - January 31, 2017: stamp printed in Brazil shows Carnival Scene, 1970
Slide 12 of 70: A stamp printed in Greenland shows image of Ilulissat Isfjord, the World Heritage Area, circa 2005
Slide 13 of 70: ICELAND - CIRCA 1986: A stamp printed in Iceland from the "Northern Edition - Friendship Towns " issue shows Seydisfjordur, circa 1986.
Slide 14 of 70: IRELAND - CIRCA 1988: A stamp printed by IRELAND shows view of Dublin town, circa 1988.
Slide 15 of 70: GIBRALTAR - CIRCA 2006 : A stamp printed in Gibraltar shows child with face painted as flag of Brazil, devoted 2006 World Cup Soccer Championships, Germany, circa 2006
Slide 16 of 70: UNITED KINGDOM - CIRCA 2007: A used postage stamp from the UK, depicting a portrait of a smiling Queen Elizabeth II in 1997, circa 2007.
Slide 17 of 70: FRANCE - CIRCA 2009: postage stamp printed in France showing an image of the Eiffel Tower, circa 2009.
Slide 18 of 70: Milan, Italy - June 18, 2015: Swiss postage stamp imitating a piece of chocolate
Slide 19 of 70: NORWAY - CIRCA 2008: A stamp from Norway shows image of a mountain landscape with glacier and needle rock formation, circa 2008
Slide 20 of 70: GERMAN REICH - CIRCA 1943: A stamp printed in Germany shows image of Adolf Hitler, circa, 1943
Slide 21 of 70: Milan, Italy - November 17, 2016: Colosseum of Rome on postage stamp
Slide 22 of 70: BURKINA FASO - CIRCA 1997: a stamp printed in Burkina Faso shows Diana, Princess of Wales, Portrait, circa 1997
Slide 23 of 70: TOGO - CIRCA 1979: A post stamp printed in the Republic of Togo shows Escape into Egypt, circa 1979
Slide 24 of 70: A stamp printed in Republic of Liberia shows butterfly Pierella nereis, circa 1980s
Slide 25 of 70: GREECE - CIRCA 2014: A stamp printed in Greece showing mask, circa 2014
Slide 26 of 70: POLAND - CIRCA 1976: A stamp printed in Poland shows image Christmas Nativity, one stamp from series, circa 1976
Slide 27 of 70: ZAGREB, CROATIA - JUNE 14: stamp printed in Yugoslavia. The 200th Anniversary of the Birth of Vuk Stefanovic Karadzic, reformer of the Serbian language, circa 1987, on June14, 2014, Zagreb, Croatia
Slide 28 of 70: ZAGREB, CROATIA - JULY 19: a stamp printed in Romania shows Giurgeni Bridge, Vadul, circa 1972, on July 19, 2012, Zagreb, Croatia
Slide 29 of 70: FINLAND - CIRCA 1997: a stamp printed in Finland shows illustration to a finnish fairy tale Hidden love, circa 1997
Slide 30 of 70: SINGAPORE – FEBRUARY 7, 2017: A stamp printed in Malta shows drawing of a window with the virgin and the child and the angels, circa 1996
Slide 31 of 70: EGYPT - SEPTEMBER 06: Postage stamp depicting the Pharaoh Tutankhamun (1341-1323 BC), 1972. Egypt, 20th century. Egypt (Photo by DeAgostini/Getty Images)
Slide 32 of 70: MOSCOW, RUSSIA - JANUARY, 2016: a post stamp printed in ISRAEL shows feast of Passover , the exodus from Egypt, the series "Passover Feast (Pesah)", circa 1972
Slide 33 of 70
Slide 34 of 70: A stamp printed in Madagaskar shows wild Animals, circa 1994
Slide 35 of 70: MAURITIUS - CIRCA 1990: A stamp printed in Mauritius , circa 1990
Slide 36 of 70: Milan, Italy - July 15, 2016: Taj Mahal on indian postage stamp
Slide 37 of 70
Slide 38 of 70: BANGLADESH - CIRCA 1990: A stmp printed in Bangladesh shows water lilies, circa 1990
Slide 39 of 70: MYANMAR - CIRCA 1996: A stamp printed in Myanmar shows little girl and a temple, circa 1996
Slide 40 of 70: Mongolia - circa 1969: A post stamp printed in the Mongolian shows image of clothes, series Mongolian national clothes, circa 1969.
Slide 41 of 70: KAMPUCHEA - CIRCA 1985: A stamp printed in Kampuchea from the "Traditional Dances " issue shows Absara group, circa 1985.
Slide 42 of 70: MALAYSIA - CIRCA 1982: Orange color postage stamp printed in Malaysia with image of he Malay traditional cultural puppet shadow play art known as Wayang Kulit.
Slide 43 of 70: SINGAPORE â?? JULY 19, 2016: A stamp printed in Viet Nam shows 120th Anniversary of Birth of President Ho Chi Minh, circa 2010
Slide 44 of 70: MACAO - CIRCA 2013: A stamp printed in Macao Macau shows 60th Grand Prix Car Stamp,circa 2013.
Slide 45 of 70: North Korea
Slide 46 of 70: Milan, Italy - January 30, 2017: Vulcan Fuji on japanese postage stamp
Slide 47 of 70: Milan, Italy - August 03, 2015: Two kangaroos on australian postage stamp
Slide 48 of 70: PAPUA NEW GUINEA - CIRCA 2000: Stamp printed in Papua New Guinea shows a woman in a feathered headdress from the Central Province, circa 2000
Slide 49 of 70: Milan, Italy - November 18, 2016: Strelitzia flower on postage stamp of Vanuatu
Slide 50 of 70: NEW ZEALAND - CIRCA 1996: a stamp printed in the New Zealand shows Lake Matheson, Scenic View, circa 1996
Slide 51 of 70: LIBYA - CIRCA 1980: A stamp dedicated to the Old houses lebanon, circa 1980.
Slide 52 of 70: BAHRAIN - CIRCA 1976: a stamp printed in the Bahrain shows Sheik Isa bin Salman Al Khalifa, circa 1976
Slide 53 of 70: CZECH REPUBLIC - CIRCA 2008: stamp printed in Czechosovakia (Ceska) shows bearded man in arab dress Alois Musil (1868-1944) geographer orientalist traveler writer explorer; Scott 3393 21k; circa 2008
Slide 54 of 70: TURKEY - CIRCA 1973: Postage stamp printed in Turkey, depicted airplane McDonnell Douglas DC-10, circa 1973
Slide 55 of 70: AFGHANISTAN - CIRCA 1999: A postage stamp printed in Afghanistan showing an image of race car, circa 1999
Slide 56 of 70: MOSCOW, RUSSIA - JANUARY, 2016: a post stamp printed in BOTSWANA shows baobab trees, the series "Opening of National Museum and Art Gallery", circa 1968
Slide 57 of 70: DZERZHINSK, RUSSIA - FEBRUARY 04, 2016: A postage stamp of HUNGARY shows plane Airbus A 300 B, circa 1977
Slide 58 of 70: GROOTEBROEK ,THE NETHERLANDS - MARCH 20,2016 : Postage stamp from Fujairah or Fujeira ca. 1967 showing the colorful drawing of a butterfly and a flower
Slide 59 of 70: ZAMBIA - CIRCA 1975: A stamp printed in Zambia, shows the bird Helmeted guineafowl (Numida meleagris), circa 1975
Slide 60 of 70: KAZAKHSTAN - CIRCA 2007: Postal stamp printed in Kazakhstan shows elephant. "Almaty Zoo" Series
Slide 61 of 70: Milan, Italy - January 30, 2017: Vintage postage stamp of Costa Rica
Slide 62 of 70: Milan, Italy - February 24, 2017: Enchanting nature of Maldives on postage stamp
Slide 63 of 70: Milan, Italy - March 19, 2017: Cayman on vintage postage stamp of Argentina
Slide 64 of 70: Milan, Italy - May 14, 2017: Traditional boats of Philippines on postage stamp
Slide 65 of 70: LUGA, RUSSIA - OCTOBER 17, 2017: A stamp printed by CYPRUS shows portrait of King George VI and view of Soli Theater. Soli or Soloi is an ancient Greek city in the island of Cyprus, circa 1938
Slide 66 of 70: Stockholm, Sweden - February 11, 2013: DENMARK-CIRCA 1946: A stamp printed in Denmark shows image of the Small national coat of arms of Denmark (three crowned lions and nine hearts), without inscriptions, series 'Coat of arm', circa 1946.
Slide 67 of 70: A postal stamp commemorating Xi Zhongxun, who died in 2002, a military leader in northwest China during the civil war which culminated in the founding of the People's Republic in 1949, and eventually rose to vice premier, at a post office in Hangzhou, east China's Zhejiang province on October 15, 2013. China marks the 100th anniversary of the birth of President Xi Jinping's father, a Communist war hero, but analysts say the connection is a mixed blessing for the head of state. CHINA OUT AFP PHOTO (Photo credit should read STR/AFP/Getty Images)
Slide 68 of 70: SOUTH AFRICA - 1961/01/01: CIRCA 1961: A stamp printed in South Africa shows Cape Towns Groot Constantia wine estate. (Photo by Igor Golovniov/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images)
Slide 69 of 70: CANADA - CIRCA 1938: A stamp printed in Canada shows Fort Gary gate ,Winnipeg, circa 1938
Slide 70 of 70: MONACO - SEPTEMBER 06: Postage stamp commemorating the 50th anniversary of the Red Cross of Monaco, 1998, depicting the portraits of Presidents (Louis II, Rainier III, Princess Grace and Prince Albert II). Monaco, 20th century. Monaco (Photo by DeAgostini/Getty Images)

Before the age of mobile phones, social media and texting, letters were the medium of, and postage stamps the value paid for, communication. This humble piece of sticky paper depicted history, famous figures and works of art. Here is a look at some stamps from across the world.

(Pictured) A postal stamp from the United States.

Please note some of these stamps may no longer be in use.









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