Apple's New iPad Is so Thin You Won't Even Feel It in Your Carry-on

Apple is finally reinventing the iPad.

On Tuesday, the tech giant unveiled its latest — and potentially greatest — update to its iPad series since its 2008 debut. And it may just be the tech accessory travelers have been waiting for.

The new product is still known as the iPad Pro, but it’s better than ever. The updated Pro, The Verge reported, no longer comes with a home button. Instead, it’s simply activated by FaceID. This allows the iPad to be 5.9 mm thinner than its predecessors. It also no longer comes with a headphone jack, which may be displeasing to some, but now perfectly syncs with your wireless AirPods and makes it about as thin as a sheet of paper. And that — for all you frequent fliers out there — means it takes up way less space in your carry-on.

The new iPad will also come with a liquid retina display, which is ideal for gaming, streaming movies, or reading an e-book during long-haul travel.

For anyone who also likes to take photos with their iPad, the new one comes with an updated back camera. The company also swapped out its proprietary Lightning connector and replaced it with an industry-standard USB-C. This means travelers can connect their cameras to the port anywhere in the world and download their photos. There is also a handy Siri shortcut that will delete the photos once they are imported to Lightroom for editing to save on storage space.

All these updates add up to one thing: You may no longer need to pack your bulky laptop.

“We see today’s iPad Pro updates as an indication of the blurring the lines between the iPad, the Mac, and the iPhone,” Gene Munster, an analyst for Loup Ventures, said in a statement. “Adding tech from the iPhone like FaceID, along with full Adobe apps, Xbox-level graphics, and a USB-C port that we usually associate with a Mac makes its ‘tablet’ categorization more ambiguous. This may increase Apple’s addressable market by effectively creating a lower entry point for a full-fledged ‘computer.'”

The new iPad Pro starts at $799 for the 64GB, 11-inch model, and runs up to $1,899 for the 12.9-inch model. But eliminating that weight and space from your bag during your next global adventure may be worth it. It will be available beginning Nov. 7 at

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