Airline with kids are banned zone launches flights to Thailand from £192

Most of us tend to opt for holidays in Europe due to the extortionate cost of flights to far flung places.

But, a cheap airline has launched a new bargain route from Gatwick to Bangkok that allows Brits to fly to Thailand from less than £200 each way.

You’ll be able to hop on the “no frills” plane by airline Scoot in London and arrive in the stunning Southeast Asian tropical county in just 13 hours.

The airline is decidedly basic though so there’s no in-flight entertainment, blankets, food or drinks included in the cheap ticket price.

So make sure you download some films and bring a book.

You can pay extra for comfort items like blankets and even for access to Wi-Fi while in the air.

And, if you’re willing to shell out you can pay £9 for a hot meal with a pudding, though be warned that the menu remains the same whether it’s morning or night.

Various dishes from spicy curries to fried rice are available, but you’ll only be offered one meal per flight and the website that’s that “consumption of outside food & beverages is not allowed on board Scoot”.

Meaning it would be wise to fill up before you board and book a red eye flight.

And, if you avoid long flights because you’re worried about being sat next to a baby or child while you try to sleep (especially as there’s no TV to distract you) there’s a special place on the plane that you can opt to sit in.

Those who choose to fly from London to Thailand with Scoot can pay to upgrade their ticket to the “Scoot in Silence” zone at the front of the plane.

Tickets start from around £256 per person – and the zone is completely kid-free.

The slightly pricier seats promise to be child-free so adults who want an “exclusive and silent cabin” can enjoy their flight.

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In the silent zone, which is slotted in between economy and ScootPlus (which has leather seats, more leg room and free power) passengers must be 12 or over.

There are 33 seats available in the plane’s silent zone compared to 278 in regular economy.

But, you have to wonder if the £44 is really worth it as many Brits don’t mind kids sitting nearby.

Especially as one traveller from the Scottish Sun claimed that the sections are only divided by a curtain.

Prices on the site right now include a one-way ticket from London Gatwick to Bangkok for £192 on dates such as April 24, May 12, June 9 and more.

If you think this flight sounds like good value then check out more on the Scoot website:

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