Airline saves the day as bridesmaid forgets her dress for destination wedding

It’s every bridesmaid’s worst nightmare; you get to the wedding destination and realise you left your dress at home.

For one maid of honour, that nightmare became a reality. Even worse? She arrived at the wedding in Costa Rica , only to realise her dress was back at home. In the USA.

Luckily for her, Southwest Airlines stepped in to save the day!

The maid of honour’s friend Taylor first brought their plight to the company’s attention on Twitter, with a desperate plea for help.

She wrote: "@ SouthwestAir help!! My friend is in a wedding on Saturday in Costa Rica but she left her bridesmaid dress here in Houston! Can we get her dress on flight #1734 tomorrow??? #WorthATry #BestCustomerService".

While you’d expect airlines to ignore requests of this nature, on this occasion Southwest came through, replying "Alright, let’s do it!".

They agreed to fly the dress from Houston all the way to Costa Rica.

What ensued was a hilarious operation with heaps of updates on the exact location so the bridal party could track the garment’s unexpected adventure.

Needing some quick organisation, one of the bridesmaid’s friends who was back home dutifully headed to her house, picked up the dress and took it to Houston’s Hobby airport, where airline staff were on hand to collect it.  (In fact, there was even an extra dress in the garment bag). 

Oh, and Southwest shared appreciation for the gesture, posting a picture of the point of collection, quipping in the caption: "UPDATE: The dress has arrived at Houston Hobby! (Shout out to the bridesmaid’s friend Rachel, who dropped it off at the airport this morning. We all need a friend like Rachel.)"

The dress was then carefully packed in a bag and put on board the flight to Costa Rica.

Southwest even shared live tracking of the flight on FlightAware to keep the bridal party updated, and revealed that its dispatchers even added a tongue-in-cheek tag ‘RescueTheDress’ to the flight in their system.

All in all, it was a happy ending; the dress arrived safely into the arms of what we imagine was a very grateful bridesmaid, in time for the big day!

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